Buying a longboard blank in the UK

Hi, does anybody know where I can buy a longboard blank and have it shipped to an address in Hampshire. Thanks Bob

Hi Bob, is based in UK so shipping should be quite cheap. But I think the options for Blanks are quite limited.

Other option I know is Viral Surf in France

Both shops have also most of the other stuff required.
I bought stuff (no blanks) at both sides and was quite happy so far.

Let us know how the build goes!

Thanks Eddie, I’ll give them a try although Seabase don’t seem to have 10’+ blanks in stock at the moment. I had bought a blank from Triocean surf before but they are not shipping anything over 8’6 now.

Echo surf supply has some polyola 9’4 blanks available :

The template was developped with Robin Kegel (Gato Heroi)

I personally love shaping them, the color is special and gives a nice retro effect, you can also use resin tint if you don’t like it :slight_smile: