buying a quad fin setup tommorow need your suggestions :)

Okay so as some of you may know im making my first surfboard and i am going to order my blank and fins/fin boxes tommorow, im going to be using probox fin system and im making a 6’10-7’3 fish somewhere around there from the USblank 7’3 fish blank, its going to have a retro swallow tail and i need to know what cant to buy for the inserts, i was thinking 2 of the red 4 degree inserts and 2 of the white 8 degree inserts, il mostly be surfing smallish 2-6 foot waves mostly around 3 or 4 feet so whats your guys suggestion? :slight_smile:

check out my last post on this thread:

love 'em!


thank you ^^ that was helpfull for the fin part of it but still alittle fuzzy on the inserts it lookslike you have all white 8 degree inserts there, by my guess it just makes the board ride abit more loose? is it good to put 4 degrees at the back and 8 degrees at the front or is that more big waves? i have never really dealed with cants so idk lol

that board has an accidental really deep single concave... so, i run it with 8* front and rear which, i guess, combats that... i had 6* front and 4* rear in originally and it was okay. the board felt stiff and tracky. wouldn't turn very well. i moved  the fins all over the place with no luck. so, i just chalked that up to it being the first board that i've made, and i put it in the shed and didn't touch it for months... then, i read on Sways that more cant might help my problem and i put in the 8*'s... NIGHT AND DAY difference! all of a sudden, the board was fun to surf... it turned and had speed... that was my experience and, your mileage may vary... why not buy extra inserts in all of the cant options? they're inexpensive... i'd really like to get some of those plugs for the unused boxes, that board now has 7 fin boxes... i've never met Chipfish in person but somehow i think i caught whatever he's got.


heh 7 boxes XD you must have some amazing options to work with :slight_smile: i think im just gonna go for 2 8s and 2 4s and then 2 plugs and see how that goes :slight_smile:

What kind of bottom contours?

What kind of quad setup?

I like more cant with concave features and less with convex; more cant for small waves, less for big waves.

I say, buy all the inserts and you’ll have them for any board you build from here on out.