Buying FCS plugs/instal kit in Australia?

To the Aussies ( and of course everyone else!)

I’m in Australia (obviously) and have been in contact with FCS over here about getting plugs and an instal kit.

They want me to set up an account, have minimum orders…both of which as a small time backyarder isn’t ideal?

I know foamez in the states sell the gear, whereby small time guys could access and use FCS gear…anyone know of someone in Oz that can do this?

it seems Futures over here are happy to supply small quantities and don’t require a trade account, makes you think that for a guy like myself (approx 50-75 boards/yr) the choice between Futures and FCS has been made for me!



The jig is designed NOT for a stupid hole saw mate. It’s designed for a router. Did you read anything posted here or what.  Der. OZ fins supplies everything you need and if not … well you’ve been given enough information to solve your “problem” 

What state are you in?

In Perth Colin Earle surf supplies has all that stuff. No account required, just a visa card!

Hey Bertie, in vicco mate…

thats good news… He have a website?



nah no website mate. Just call him if u need on 08 9445 8855. call after 11am perth time or he will be out surfing!

Sorry I don't know anything about supplies Vic


No worries Bertie,

will give him a buzz, he might be fine to post?

will have a chat to him,


cheers for the info


Midget has fcs plugs and jigs for fin solutions, might have to modify the fin solution jigs however:


The FCS router clamp Jig. from Australian fin co works well, I dig it:

Australian fin company in Currumbin makes clamping jig for the hole cut [router] Just bought one for around 80. Feight to Vic can’t be too much. I use raptor fins … they supplied me with the  marking plastic stencil. also they supply excellant plugs all FCS compatable.and their fins are hot too. 


 FCS’s patent went out years ago. Get in  touch with those 2 companies and you’re good to go. 

FCS are inferior compared with Futures. Someone with intelligence has designed the Futures system.

Agreed, I think the futures set up is better, feels better as well.

but I was thinking the fusion system looks good.

with the aust fin co jig clamp…is it simply a case of using the clamp as a guide while hole-sawing ?

guess that won’t give the special ‘H’ pattern thingo that FCS go on about?

Do aust fin co sell plugs similar to FCS?


Onya quanta

Mate, I’ve seen more failures from any of the FCS varieties compared to Futures, but if ya wanna be another victim be my guest. 

Tend to agree with you sparrow…some crew insist on the ’ 2 plugs’ so i like to be able to offer, but will always steer them towards futures, is better in my opinion.

If ya gonna go with fusion, rip off the foam that comes around the box and install like futures. Waaaay stronger.