Buying surfacing agent in San Diego???

Where can I purchase this stuff locally in S.D.? Sometimes I have a lot of lam but and not enough hotcoat or vice versa. Seems like a good investment to just buy lam in bulk and make my own HC. I live in Chula Vista so anywhere south of the 52 sounds good. Thanks in advance fellas!

If you don’t get any surefire suggestions, give Mitch’s in La Jolla a call. I believe they had it a year ago when I last checked.

And I think it’s very, very, very slightly south of the 52 line.

They sell it at Diversified Materials – google them up; they’re down south somewheres; can’t remember where now, sorry

We always have it in stock and can ship it to you.We are located in Huntington Beach, so your about a day away shipping.

Aww man thanks you guys. Just called up Diversified Materials and they’ve got it! Thanks again!

Better still, buy yourself 2 Litres of styrene and a block of paraffin wax from the supermarket and make your own. Then you can adjust the amount of surfacing agent to your requirements.