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Buzzy was an early 50’s ‘‘regular’’ at Windansea, and is credited with inventing the bottom turn.      Buzzy was also one of the co-founders of The Charthouse Restuarant chain.     And now he’s gone.       I knew him, but not well.       He patched up my chin, when I busted it open at Sunset, when Buzzy Trent and I got closed out in the channel.       He was a surfer to the core.     There will be a paddle out, at Windansea, this Saturday the 14th.

I didn’t know Buzzy Trent was a Windansea guy. Another icon gone.  I love Buzzy Trent stories and the guys like him. Incredible you got to surf with him, Bill. Mike

Aloha Mike,

Buzzy Trent was not a Windansea guy, though he was born in San Diego.     Trent surfed all over SoCal, in the company of his mentor Bob Simmons, who was a regular fixture at Windansea.      Simmons died at Windansea the year before I started surfing there.     Buzzy Bent, was at one time, considered the best hotdogger on the coast.      The times I spent surfing and diving with Trent, were ALWAYS an adventure.      Never a dull moment with that guy.

Found this on the net:

Alfred Ernest Bent III, “Buzzy”, was born on May 6, 1935, in La Jolla, California. As a youngster he started surfing at nearby Wind n Sea Beach. In the early 50’s he was one of the first California teens to travel to Hawaii to surf the “big waves” on the North Shore of Oahu. Buzzy graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Business. He was commissioned in the U.S. Navy as an officer in the Underwater Demolition Team (the precursor to the current Navy Seal Team) stationed in Coronado, California

After his stint in the military, Buzzy made custom surf boards, working toward perfecting the shape of the balsa wood and foam boards. He purchased a vintage wooden hulled ketch which he lived on in the San Diego harbor and sailed around southern California and Mexico.

Buzzy moved to Aspen in 1961 for a winter of ski bumming. He taught skiing, joined the Highland ski patrol, worked as a waiter and took on various other jobs before forming a partnership with Hawaiian surfer, Joey Cabell, and opening the Chart House restaurant on Durant Street across from the Little Nell on July 4, 1962. After the success of the first restaurant they went on to open three additional Chart House restaurants, including the one in La Jolla, before Buzzy sold his interest in the company.

Buzzy continued to reside in Colorado where he owned an organic fruit farm in Paonia, lived in Telluride and later returned to La Jolla to open a restaurant, The Waves Bar and Grill, before settling in New Meadow, Idaho.

He is survived by daughters, Dorothea Bent, Toréa Rodriguez and Rose Bent; son, Phillip Bent; and grandchildren, Tristan Harris and Nikita Huber of Basalt and Joyce and Leah Bent of Portland, Oregon. His oldest daughter, Verena Bent, died in 1984. 

His love of the ocean and mountains infused his life. In the words of E.E. Cummings:

…and here’s to silent certainly mountains; and to a disappearing poet of always, snow and to morning; and to morning beautiful friend twilight (and a first dream called ocean).

Published in La Jolla Light on Jan. 8, 2015

 Bill T, you’re an amazing guy to have lived with these amazing guys.

They lived it.

Not hyped, twittered, faxed or posted a global-virus-multi-media-indie-enviro-Internet-wank.

And then rest on their laurels.

( I’m generous to make it a plural.)

It seems each generation becomes less original, less capable and more thoughtless.

But more lazy, entitled and self-absorbed. I wonder where Miki, Buzzy and the Hawk would place themselves in today’s surf culture or just opt out.


With all respect, the story behind ‘Bent’, not ‘Trent’?

   Yes.        The ‘‘sound alike’’ of the two names, has been a source of confusion for many, over the years.    

That’s my bad, Bill.  I didn’t read carefully.  I think you should write a book.  Mike

Both "Buzzy’s were amazing guy’s.  Legends.  Thanks Bill.  And Huck for that beautiful “Obit”.

Question;  how many Charthouse Resturants are left and where???

Joey, still has the Chart House on Oahu, next door to the Ilikai Hotel and on the water, at the Ala Wai Boat Harbor. His catamaran, Hokulea, sits a few docks over, from the restaurant. The Chart House in Redondo Beach, is still up and running and was franchised out. Not sure if the one up on Kingsberry Grade, is still open in Lake Tahoe. There was one in Newport Beach, Calf, # 2, after the one in Colorado. The one in Kona closed years ago. The Maui Chart House is gone, I believe too.

Dick Brewer and Joey @ a Surf Legends function on Kaua’i.

Billy Hamilton and Joey @ a Surf Legends function on Kaua’i (different function)

Joey sails his catamaran, Hokulea, over from Oahu to Hanalei, Kaua’i during the flat summer months and stays a week or two.


This bump up for newer forum members, and any surfer who started after 1960.     A good perspective on Buzzy Bent.

BUZZY TRENT was a Different person & surfer from BUZZY BENT!
BENT was from Windansea, NOT Trent! Two different people—read-up on both online! : )

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