Buzzy Knuebuhl

Buzzy passed away, yesterday, I believe,  while out paddle boarding, on Maui.  His partner took 3 hours to swim him back to shore to seek treatment. Cause of death is thought to be heart related, as he had , apparently, prior problems–Pure stoke- Great surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer, paipo rider,  shaper, family man, and friend to many-We’ll miss him.  He passed while  doing what he loved–I am on the Mainland, so don’t have much local info, and just received this yesterday–I know that the Maui crew will have more info–Those who knew him, please forward as much Love and  Aloha to his wife and kids.  Mahalo, Macpac

 Others and I posted info   on the Ewa beach late 60 's thread,check it out,last page

Will do–Thanks, Mac