BYOB: Build Your Own Board!

Hi Guys… So apparently we can’t make an announcement in the Sways SurfShop anymore?  At least I can’t figure out how to.  Therefore we are announcing our new BYOB page on our site.  Now all you have to do to get your photo on our front page is go to your Instagram acct (if you have one) and hashtag a photo with #foamezbyob.  We would like to see all your board building goodies.  Things like: your shaperoom, new boards, tools, basically anything having to do with board building.  This area is for you the board builder to display anything you think is cool and you’d like to share with your fellow board builders.  Check it out our BYOB!!!




Coool brad, just gave it a go 

Any chance of commenting on the photos? I just saw a sweeet foilly hull that someone posted right after I 'gramed my own shot. Would love to get more details on it. 

Hi Hamrock-

Soon the photos will show the initial comment.  That way you can promote your brand or just let people know more about the pic.  As of now you have to look it up on Instagram to see and add to the comments.

Love to see the photos, keep them coming.