c. 1978 Mark Richards twin fin repair job ... keen , eh ?!

this is a repair job , but not sure if the bottom will be done …


  And no , it’s not my board or repair

photo DSCF8367_zpsef5c402c.jpg

photo DSCF8368_zpsf567bc03.jpg


photo DSCF8355_zps8a8d8477.jpg

photo DSCF8357_zps491c0c5c.jpg

photo DSCF8358_zpsed8017cf.jpg

photo DSCF8359_zps01986bc9.jpg

Shame it was abused, so. Great board.



[ this one being fixed , has very similar dimensions to this one … ]

the tail has been made watertight now …

photo IMG_0010_zps1f37f8f4.jpg

photo IMG_0056_zps79e9ba87.jpg

long fluted flyers , with concave involved too. The initials on the stringer are  K.F.  … ? M.R.'s 'ghost shaper ', in 1978 , as demand grew for the ’ world title boards ’ ??


 'K. F. ’ is Ken Freeland , apparently. The width on this board in the link , may be wrong , I think ? …]



photo IMG_0007_zps733b62b2.jpg

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