Cabosil - Acrylics and Cure Time

When I drop in my FCS plugs I use a mixtures of Simlar, Cabosil, white acrylic paint and some SA. I noted it took a little long on the first plugs, so next time I added more MEKP. …my first experience with smoking resin. I’m trying to mend a broken nose, using the dowel technique. Took off a lot of foam, so used a similar recipe, but more cabosil. Eased up on the MEKP, worked fine, but took forever and a day to kick. Question: Is it the cabosil or the acrylic… or both?

All additives have an effect on kick time. White usually slows it a bit. Cab-o-sil as well. Some colors, like blue, can accelerate. I’ve found that some microballoons do this as well. Temperature has a huge effect as does the temperature of the resin which can be much different than the room. Also with small batches there is a tendency to over catylise, or at least there was for me. With more experience you do get a better feel for what is correct in your climate.

…cool?..correct-ah-mundo! …I always run my mixes hot!I have mixed things so hot…(HOW HOT WERE THEY,HERB???)…I’ve exothermed boxes right out of there holes!..but not anymore…here’s why… …keep a bucket of rags,soaked in cool water.When the resin kicks,and before it starts to heat-up, put the rags on both sides(top and bottom directly on the boxes/plugs,OR whatever you’re filling).Exchange THE WARMING RAGS from time to time FOR COLD RAGS to keep the boxes/plugs/filler cool.YOU CAN RUN A FAN over the effected area(s)to help keep those rags cool…The key here is to keep it cold so the filler resin doesn’t get a chance to heat-up.Herb

Howzit Rook, The proper mixture for installing FCS is lam. resin,white pigment or a color to match to the board color, milled fibers and catalyst. Don’t and I repeat don’t add any S.A., the S.A. will make the plugs separate from the board and be loose. Add enough catalyst to make the mix kick in about 15 mins. This is the mix I use for installations and I never have any problems. The only repairs I end up doing are when they hit the reef, but repairing FCS is easy. Aloha, Kokua

don’t forget to rub the plugs with acetone!!! btw, pardon my ignorance kokua, but what do you mean by “S.A.?”


thanks herb! i was having a minor brain fart, or perhaps a budweiser moment.

Here’s one more novel idea. Use epoxy to insert plugs. Twice as strong and now just as fast as polyester. And if done right, no exotherm issues.

The resin FCS sells or sold had a bunch of MMA (acrylic) in it as a monomer. This helps keep down the exotherm and helps with bonding to the plastic. Sluggo