cad program for blanks?

First off just want to say thanks to all the swayaholics for putting so much info to the newbies fingertips, you guys sure have shortened the learning curve, or so it seems at this time! Im looking to shape some eps and have found a supplier that will cut my blanks for me. My question :How do i give them a set of points i want the blank cut at? Ive never used a cad system and really have no access to one. The boards im looking to shape are standard shortboards 6’1" x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4. So something like the clark foam 6’3"R blank is where im headed. I could of course buy a block make a hot wire and cut it myself, but the guy at the foam supply house said he wouldnt charge me for the cuts so it seems worth the effort to find this info.Any input will be greatly appreciated, and thanks for the head start guys, Sways is the shizle!

i think it depends on the foam supplier what program they use. It could be they’re using aku shaper or maybe another program. Why not contact them?


i just PM’d you.


Hello, I’ve designed a specific program for designing EPS blanks. The program is very user friendly, draws some real nice curves and outputs a set of points (over a thousand).

You can try it here :

Once you’ve designed your templates, you can order them online and they will custom cut your blanks according to your template. Since they’re France, you would have to contact them first and see how much shipping would be for a set of blanks. If it’s too expensive to have them shipped to the US, then send me the template codes and I’ll output the numbers for you.