calculating volume.

is it possible to calculate volume from a boards dimentions? Nothing to technical.

By dimensions, I assume you mean length x max width x max thickness?

I doubt it, because there are alot more variables that would affect it(rail thickness, change in widths over the outline, deck crown, concave/convex, rocker curve, foil, etc.). only thing I’ve heard of is submerging it in a tank and noting the change in water levels…which seems like a heck of a lot easier math problem than pluging in boat loads of numbers only to come up with an estimate

If you had it scanned, you should be able to get the vol.#'s


I would use a shaping software like or AKUSHAPER (its free), choose one of the templates (shortboard, longboard, fish), scale the board to the actual dimensions, probably change the outline accordingly without getting into detail. Volume is calculated by the software. Takes less than ten minutes if you how to use the software.  

If the board is not glassed you can probably calculate the volume by weighing the shaped blank. But you would also have to know the density of the foam used. The density and mass have a direct relationship with the volume. Stringered blanks would be a bit more tricky as the stringer (wood...perhaps) would have much higher density, so has more mass. But there would be no way to accurately account for the amount of mass that the stringer adds to the blank unless you were to cut it out and weigh it seperately. If the stringer is not accounted for, it will exagerate the calculated volume.


A rough rule of thumb is to work out the volume by multyplying width, thickness and length in metric. you can easily convert cm3 to litres/dcm3 using google if you don’t like maths, then divide your result by 1.6 and you will get a decent approximation of the volume.

  Nobody believe in water tank testing?

  cheapo pool, add water, submerge board, remove board, pour enough water to replace board.