California dreaming?

I do not live in the USA. But I recognise California as the probable surfing, cultural centre of the world. So while I had some time at work I thought I would look up a few surf spots on the Californian coast that I had recently seen on a video. Indicators, ( nice photos, easy access,additional information, “the locals are a pack of arseholes who like to pick fights, beat people up and chase them out of the water!” I appreciate the Californians on this forum but I do’nt think I’ll be visiting.

…If you ever come to Cali ,you come see or meet me for surf.Lots of waves to be had…Herb

Try this link: Where do you reside?

that stuff on that site is garbage.Don’t believe everything you read my friend.calif is a bunch of newby’s and posers. that site is funny just a bunch of kids saying that crap.Might as well come everyone is already here.haha.In the seventies it was serious stuff here at some places now their are too many lawyers.

The spots in PV (like indicator) are definitely not easy access. You may be able to drive to within eyeball distance but you will be climbing down un-maintained goat trails to get to sea level. The trails are a combination of loose shale and sandstone mixed with clay. More injuries happen on the trail than in the water. At the bottom you find that theres no beach, just a steep rock berm that is sometimes completely washed by sets. Then theres the locals. They probably wouldnt be a problem if it was easy access - they’d be outnumbered all the time. But as it is they will be greeting you at both ends of the trail and helping you surf. But PV is not indicitive of the way things are everywhere else in Kauliforina. There plenny of classic surf from beach break to points and reefs. With a bit of looking its not hard to surf by yourself.

Nope, JJ’s right. It’s packed here in Cali, everyone’s an A-hole, there’s no surf, and it’s polluted. Best not to come. I heard there’s some great surf over on the east coast… Spread the word.

Good call, east coast is where it is at. As a matter of fact I was just comparing forecast models and thinking to myself, shit who would want to be out West right now, there is a shitty giant low that is about to send a least a week worth of solid waves. Stupid Low I hate when they do that. While the East Coast is about to score a minimum of double over toe surf at least through next Teusday, therefor East Coast rulz. There is an awsome, super strong high that will be parked off our coast for at least a week, we are sure to get weather in the 40’s with a strong persistent offshore flow and best of all the water temp is sure to hover in the mid 30’s. Who would want to slog through west coast crowd and insulary locals when you could just stay on the east coast and score epic empty maxing knee high dribblers. Bring your gun and your big wave leash.

ill be there in approx 13 days… ahh

Oh yuys… I live in the armpit of the surf world. English channel island, mid winter, beach breaks and a couple of sketchy reefs. What I wouldn’t give for alined up point wave. I don’t care how many guys out, I COULD cope. Its all about perspective.