California, Huntington Beach April 8-12th

Hello West Coast Swaylockers, I am looking for some possible help/advice for a short trip I am making to California next week. I will be flying into Orange Co. on the 8th and staying with some relatives in Huntington. Planning on renting a car for a few days and definitely gonna drive up to Ventura for Sacred Craft either Saturday or Sunday. Long range forecasts look okay for surf while I am there. This is a low budget trip for me, using frequent flyer miles for a free ticket, and I'm just not sure I want to spend $200 to bring a board with me. Any ideas about where to rent something or is there somebody out there that would be willing to loan a board out for a few days? I have been checking craigslist because I could also pick up something cheap and just leave it there. Thanks in advance for any help! Rick

Can anyone recommend a place to stay (motel, hotel) near the ocean in the Ventura area?

there a couple cheap but clean ones. If you get off a Calif. street exit and head back into town there are a few. Only a few blocks...

Markssd, Stingray and I have stayed at the vagabond when traveling north.  I'll be up there for Sacred Craft camping with a friend.