California To Require Surfboard Registration & Taxes

Governor Schwarzenegger announced today that the
state will begin taxing surfers in an effort to pull the state out of a
deficit. The new surfboard permit laws will require all surfers to
register any boards used at public beaches. Fees start at $100
depending on board size.

See the full details here: California Surfboard Permits & Registration


Another example of how politicians refuse to see the REAL problems behind the economy’s sickness.
Just like conventional medicine, they try to treat the symptoms, not the source of the problems.

Ridiculous taxes like these and stealing from the poor (not that all surfers are poor, but a lot are not that rich…) are just going to annoy and aggravate people.

Just like converting Diesel Hummers to Hydrogen is not going to go anywhere as far as environment is concerned, taxing surfers is not going to solve California’s deficit!!!


How about starting to tax corporations for mass-scale deforestation, loss of top soil, long-term pollution and crime against humanity, that would go more into the right direction.

I say Boycott that tax…




yeah, i’m calling shenanigans on this one…it is april first and the the promise of future articles to show you how to shorten your board and fake a permit is a dead giveaway. pretty funny, though. wouldn’t put it past 'em.

as real as it gets… haha

Well, if it’s April’s first, you got me cause here it’s already the 2nd!!!


I say complete "bullshit"!  Just a self promotion trick to get those that frequent Saylocks to visit your deadend website.  Yor article was in fact laced with untruths about the history of surfboard permits.  Any one who knows the history of attempts to register surfboards and knows what constitutes a "vessel" under Calif. law would easily see thru the bullshit in your so called article before he or she finished reading the first paragraph.   I knew it was bullshit when you posted the thread but gave you the benefit of  doubt and the hit on your website.  The hits on your stupid website is what it's all about. 


Bro… chill out a bit, it was an April fools joke.  It was totally rediculous, $500 for a SUP, that is 10x what it costs to register a boat.


We hope the rest of you enjoyed it.



Ha! Ha!-----------Gotcha.  April Fool!

He changed his mind and decided to tax just the Chinese shit and raised it to $400 per board.

No big deal.

Have some more rice.

Tax every plastic bag that leaves a supermarket or shop worldwide. Make a fortune and maybe help slow down the pollution, a bit.


Funny, register your toy now, or don't, and play with it, and we'll take it off you!!!

The Terminator has terminated. No more terms for him in no uncertain terms.

Hey deadshaper, how about our shining legislature? Termination for ALL incumbents!!!

HR 25

      Howzit wildy,I know hey have been tossing the plastic bag thing around in Hawaii for a couple of years now and I saw something just the other day about has been done somewhere's now,just can't remember if it was Hawaii or somewhere's else.Bottom ine is it has started already. Aloha,Kokua

i heard that the state/feds is going to add a epa fee(another word for tax) for all styrofoam products.

some states have already banned styro alltogether.