Calipers & Vac Bag Testing

Hi All,

I just got my vac up and running. I decided to do small test pieces before I bag giant skins. I decided I should make some calipers since I’ve always needed a pair. I think I found the template here. I had a plank of balsa that I used to cut out the template & bagged the calipers with 6oz and RR. Came out nice but since these were my first time vac bagging, I learned a few things like the bag doesn’t like sharp corners and its tough working with two pieces in the bag. But overall I’m happy and stoked that they came out great. Needs a little sanding but no-biggie…BTW my skin is being bagged as I type this. Can’t wait to open it up in a few hours.

The bare balsa template

Calipers being bagged



hey daklaw

is your user name related to the laws regarding to dak

or your name?

the dak laws in qld aus are pretty heavy

but you can grow a few plants in canberra.

but anyway

sorry :wink:

great to see you bagging

once you get started ,you just want to bag everything.

i get the urge to vac the cat every now and again.

but resist the temptation my friend

nice calipers by the way

i spose it about time i got meself a set and take some measurements

(i wrote 6’ 2" on a 6’4" yesterday)

its the best feeling taking them out(unless the bag leaked and youve been at work all day)

hope you board turns out good

please post a pic

sometimes if you got an eps base to sit things on ,you can pin stuff together

or tack layups in place with 5 min epoxy

Hi Paul,

“Daklaw” is a play on my last name (Kalaw) because my friends would make fun of me and call me Daklaw as in the toy story movie. I tried to do a quick google search on the Dak Law but nothing much came up. Anyways, thanks for your reply I’m always inspired by your shapes as well as your techniques…I’m really liking this whole vac bagging thing. It takes me more time to do a board, but from what I’m seeing the quality is much better than my previous boards in terms of symetry and of course durability…oh well, back to the grind.



its definately an advantage to get a perfect rocker every time

that way, if your doing similar builds ,you can see what small differences to design

and how they change performance

for example. i like thicker ones with hips

because ive made three boards with identical rocker and similar plane shape

so i know that performance wize ,the thicker board gives me a lot more speed

on takeoff and better paddle in the whitewater

also why would two boards with the same rocker/plainshape paddle different

im pretty sure the one that has more stiffeness and volume forward is a far better paddler

wihout any negative effects on performance

we were driving down the coast the other day and past a sign that said “Dak legal”

so desperatey wanted to write “make” above it

i dont smoke btw (too busy surfing to drink/smoke etc) but it doesnt bother me.

i think the hardest thing to tidy up is the rail shape

however im finding a very sharp block plane

and cutting little micro bevels all the way a long

wooden rails just dont seem to want to sand even like foam.

thank for the compliment btw

ill post a pick of some latest creations soon

ive got one looking like i might be able to sell it finally

iff theres no disasters

i instaled fcs this time,

they make this really good looking fin (performance core) and they look good with balsa

and also look really tech

i can make one in around 14 hours now

so is not too bad . there are ways to build them quicker than that as well(personal boards are not so pretty)

im still working on making them pretty and that adds alot of labour

Hi Paul,

So that’s what “Dak” means. I wasn’t quite sure from your original post. Yeah, I’ve been exposed to (and farmed) some good “Dak” in my time. I’m glad I’m into shaping now. Same high, less brain cells killed (that’s debatable though ;)).

Please show us more of your boards. I’m always keen on checking out new compsands and new techniques. I’m already contemplating my next one. What a cruel hobby this is eh?!



yeah i keep forgeting you guys dont understand australian sometimes.

although i think that word comes from somewhere else

yeah building boards is adictive

much better drug than any others.

endorphins rush from building and surfing your own board

i will post some pics soon

in the meantime, feel free to pm me if you have any questions

oky doky daklaw

heres a few pics

i still havent glossed this board


and heres a pic of the last board