Calling Bill T, calling Bill T.

I was digging through my pile of old family boards and I ran across this one.  were you the two dot ** guy?

Hansen Superlight

Anyhow if you were I need to talk to you, this is the worst surfboard ever. Step deck, rolled rails in the tail, all the board up front, stringer going only 23/4 of the way up.  It's amazing we never broke it, or snapped the plastic fin off as kids.

Hardest board to surf ever. Sooooo any speed.







Aloha Jay,

That board was shaped after I left Hansen, in 1969.   I don't know who was using two dots, after the number.    Buzzy Smole would put a single dot at the beginning and at the end of a number.    Sorry I can't be of more help.    I used the letter   T   after the number as my designator, while  shaping  at Hansen.

    Howzit resinhead,I have no idea how old you are or if you were surfing back in those days but I can say that there were some really dog boards made, but also some really good boards also. I had a couple that after a few sesions I was ready to throw them away but instead would just trade them in for a new one. Aloha,Kokua

I love this place. Some people think I'm old...sit in the dark in my underwear and type on the computer trolling swaylocks.........I do that sometimes.  Some people think I'm fat....some people think I can't surf....i'm that too.  That's what i love about this place. i can be all kinds of guys. i love it.


But I'm no youngster in kid terms, but I'm not as old to have known what that board could do when it was brand new.   In 69 I was 6 years old.  But my family surfed, from Old Dana, to Pt Loma. My uncle in law was one of the old, old Dana guys, running around with Hobie, and diving for lobster and out of a shack on the beach. Other family  worked and ran the OB & Southcoast longboard surfshop for years in OB. Other members have been in the soft goods part of the industry since the 80's at T&C, HIC.....Me I just  make surfamabords fo da fun.

So over the years we have quite a bunch of old boards...we are quite the bunch of pack rats.   But I got to tell you, I've surfed just about everything design ever made from 62-2011....and that's probably why i'm so opinionated on surfboards, and surf shapes.   In one word or two: progress, design, technology is a good thing.

And yes I do have a few pearls in all the clump of foam.  Thanks for responding guys!