Calling KP

Kirk: Got the package…all I can say is Huzza. That is one manly coat. Now I have to go out and buy a horse! Viva los Vaqueros del las Olas!!!

Happybirth Day to you Lee and Merry Christmas.Now you gotta get that cowboyhat.aloha KP.

los vaqueros locos que montan las montañas del agua que usted sea mejor listo, allí son strom en el horizonte. vaya con el dios, paseo como el diablo. adiós. alex.

Compadre: Your edge is at Mitzven’s today…two weeks max according to Bob…Sorry it took so long. Pura Vida

Hey Lee,Alex is going to be around on the 20th lets try and hook up to surf some where.

lee and kirk, yes, we should surf and surf we will. but first, i started shaping my first board today…and have questions. 6’6" 15.75 20.5 15 2.75 thick and has a 2" rail band cut out. it’s basically a double ender single fin, maybe a little thiner in the nose and tail. thinking the bottom will be flat to vee. but what about nose and tail rocker? are there some general measurements that i can go off. right now its at the natural rocker that comes on the 7’3" egg blank. thanks, alex. p.s. lee, do you think the edge will be done by the 25th?

4 inch nose and less that 2 in the tail unless you want it for inside out OB…then around 2 in the tail. Should be done by Christmas…hopfully by the 20th. That’s the date for my company Christmas party so while I can surf, it’ll have to be south of San Clemente…

thanks lee, that helps out alot, i’m at 3 in the nose and 1 5/8 in the tail. this seeems good for my applications. by the way, i just saw the surf on the news up here, so you know it’s big… be warned it’s on it’s way. i’ll call you and kirk about surfing around the holiday. take care, alex.

Alex: Shaping is like getting a haircut; take a little off at a time. You can always cut more but you can’t glue more foam if you cut too much. Have fun!!! Lee