Calling Roger Brucker

If you’re still out there – I was looking through the archives and I came upon your post concerning spray paints and you said that you use Plasti-Kote Acrylic Lacquer. I was wondering if you could give me a more in depth idea of the process you use. Do you aply it to the finished board or at some other time in the glssing/pre-glassing process? Do you put any type of clear coat over the paint? Exactly what type of Plasti-Kote paint were you using? (I went on the Plasti-Kote website and the only colored laquer I came across was title Classic Lacquer: check the link below). I’m trying to paint taped out shapes on a finished board.If anyone else has an answer or a better way to do this, please respond. Thanks a lot. -Charter

I checked the website and it is the right stuff.The classic and also the truck …sport utility are all acrylic lacquer,just different color schemes.I used the lacquer on sanded hotcoats and then glossed them or at times used acrylic “Speedspray”.I also used Greg Lohers water based sray with good results.To do a pinline I sanded the board to 320 grit…taped off with 3M tape pressed down well with a tongue blade.Next I sprayed the pin with multiple light passes (Lacquer is thin and will bleed under the tape if its applied to wet.)Last thing before pulling the tape is to spray a clear coat(also Plasticote).I have also regular clear acrylic for this step.If you are going to gloss the board with polyester resin go over the pin or color panel lightly with scotchbrite to key the surface.This system also works on foam like an airbrush.Someone once came back and hammered me on this saying it didn’t work but they screwed up somewhere.Kokua had some good input on this although I don’t think he used the spray cans.This works good for folks that don’t have a compressor and spray equipment.Hope it helps. R. Brucker

Thanks a lot. I’m planning on putting flames on the nose and I want to fade from yellow into orange with red tips. Does it work better if I do the gloss before I pull the tape up? I was going to do it after I pulle dthe tape, but now I don’t know. Is there any particular merrit to eather way or would it be preferance.