Calling SoCal Surfers 5' 9.5" - 5'10.5" 157-163 lbs

Hey!  Send me a PM if you would like to be one of the riders in our Flex research project.  You must meet the following criteria.  If you know someone that meets this criteria, please tell them.

Sex: Male

Height: 5’ 9.5" - 5’10.5"

Weight: 157-163 lbs

Foot size: 10.5"-11"  (this is critical, please measure)  it’s about a 10.5 US shoe size.

Age: doesn’t matter, but must be in good shape

Ability: Intermediate to Pro  (able to to surf well in any conditions socal presents)

You should be availabe to surf at Blacks (souths 220-200 deg), Scripps (wind swells) OR Lowers (souths 170-200).  Unfortunately we missed the winter swell season, so probably half of the sessions will be at Lowers.


There will be 3 identical boards that are 5’10" x 19" x 2.25"   …similar to this model:

Each board will only differ by the flex.  You will not know which board you are riding.  You will be surfing with two other surfers just like you.  Every 20 mins you will switch boards.  The boards are instrumented to track velocity, acceleration and how the boards change shape while you are riding them.  You will also be filmed and the video will be synchronized to all the data that is collected from the board.


Send me a PM with your email.  When we do testing, we’ll send out an email to everyone 1-5 days in advance.  If you’re availale to ride you can respond to the email to notify us that you are coming.

I got 2 riders so far.  I would like to have 6 because we need 3 riders for each session and I’m sure there will always be a few that can’t make it.

Details on the study can be found here:


When I stated that you should be available to surf Blacks, Scripps OR Lowers…I meant one or the other.  You don’t have to be able to go to all of them, but if you are in San Diego, you can hitch a ride to Lowers with us.


Whats your definition of SoCal…Im in goleta currently, but will be in the san clemente area around late june

You can live anywhere as long as you can make it to one of the locations at least one time: blacks, scripps la jolla and lowers

We’ll be testing from June through August.

I hope you include one real ''stiffy'' in the batch of test boards; there's still a contingent out there that believes that's the best. We both know how to build that and hit the weight target. I can't participate much in this but thought I'd give ya a bump.


I only got one more rider.  Still need three more.

your rider specs are pretty narrow.  If I chopped my head off, I might get down to 163 lbs. 

Don’t do it, because then you won’t make the height requirement!

it might affect my surfing ability too.  (improved!!)

I need to start SlimFast-ing, STAT!!!