Calvani Silverspoon Fin question

Hi, long time since I don’t post. I have a Bing Silverspoon 9’10" I bought used a couple of years ago and I enjoy riding it a lot in the summertime perfect knee to waist high waves with offshore winds we ocasionally get here at a local reef. The board came with a 10" Bing Gold Standard fin by Fibreglass Fin Co. I want to try a different fin just for fun and was thinking about getting the Silverspoon pivot fin that was originally designed for the board. Any advice on performance/feel difference between the two fins? I am also thinking about trying the Wayne Rich 3 which looks like an interesting template. Any advive or feedback on this fin? Any other fin anyone may recommend besides the ones I mentioned? By the way, I ride this board how it’s supposed to be surfed: drop knee turns, smooth cross step trimming, etc…

Anyone??? Probox Larry you make the fins for the Bing boards do you?


I have a 9’8” Silver spoon with a True Ames 8.75 Wayne Rich template. This fin has a lot of rake but I wouldn’t call it a flex fin. My opinion is this fin adds more maneuverability without sacrificing drive. Enough fin to keep from spinning out but still able to side slip or change direction a little more extreme. I haven’t rode a pivot fin in yearsJ