Can anyone ID this Craigslist find??? East Coasters?

I snagged this board off Craigslist for $150. Not sure if i’ll ever be able to use it anywhere in Florida, but it’s in mint condition. Hardly a pressure ding. Owner didn’t surf and had no idea what the history of the board was. Said a neighbor gave it to him 10 years ago. No dims, no signature. Ideas? (no, not Al Nelson)…

P.S. board was purchased in Boynton Beach. If that helps any.

Built by Morris Nelson in the mid 70’s. Today Morris does much of the construction work for Cocoa Beach Surf Shop and Bill Baghers construction company.

Cocoa Beach Surf Shop = Cocoa beach Surf Company?

If so, yikes.

I assume he hasn’t touched a planer in a while?

I can’t help with the ID but thats an sweet board tor 150$