Can anyone identify this board ?

Can anyone date this board or better still tell me who shaped it ? The early O’Neil logo states San Fransisco and the tail is stamped with the number 214. The board was brought back from Hawaii for me last year. It’s a bit of a beater but I love it and ride it sometimes. Any ideas or shall I contact Jack ?

Back in the 50’s Mike Eaton was shaping for Jack up in San Fran. You might want to give him a call on this one since it looks like it could be from that time frame.

ambrose - front and center !

got another shot of the fin?if it says ocean beach on the logo maybe? the colors might make it santa cruz vintage…looks like the performer like the one guptill got shaped by joel woods…after his green board shaped by Quentin Travares on the point…

the fin is a clue to the vintage …profile please

…the beach break was one outlline,the performer was the next and it was less hippy…

this was before tail block craze1964 tailblocks were the rule

did they have the color sticker when they were still in the city ? this could help nail it


jacks brother spider…what a presence…

I had a '61 or '62 O’neill. The logo on mine was the same, but with only two colors as I remember (no yellow) and the fin was more of a standard shape. The big redwood stringer was typical. I would put it at a few years earlier perhaps '59 or '60, but that’s just a guess.

Thanks here’s a shot of the fin ! I’ve added the bead as the skeg was in such poor condition. The logo says “Surf Shop - San Fransisco. Santa Cruz” Hope this enough info.


yep old board

my bet goes 62-63

lets see the cards

dont let any body wreck this beauty

the bead is perfect and that little cut out was probobly special fer somebody

wowie !!!


where’s gene hall?

…kokua show this picture to angell

called gene hall last night and disscussed it with im this morning he’s sayin foley sticker pivotal in dating he just had to remember what car he was driving to fix the date…maybe if we are nice he will stop by and drop an opinion…ambrose…

Thanks for all your help I can’t believe the trouble you guys are going to ! Let me know if you need any more info from me !

Cheers Steve

My guess is that it was made at the Santa Cruz shop on 41st Ave. in the early 60s. The logo was designed by Jim Foley who along with Mike Winterburn and,I think, George Olson were shaping for Jack about this time. This was before Joel Woods was shaping there. I was working there around this time. We were putting 3/4" redwood stringer in at that time. In 1963 or 1964 we were making glass fins.

Hope this helps.

Thanks I am just over the moon ! I never thought I would receive this amount of information especially from someone who was actually involved with the shop at that time.

Many thanks again


oh yea, i was driving a cruise bike with a pipeframe trailer to carry my board to the beach. 1960. before the 41st shop, if you want i’ll call Foley he"d probably remember. an the early shapers were george olsen and don hansen ,then winterburn. an no fair no name.who you.

I would appreciate if you could contact Foley. Not sure i understand the last part of your email - need a translation as I’m from the UK !

Thanks Steve