Can anyone print me some one off rice papers?

My printer recently died, and I would go to Boardlams, but I don’t need a huge sheet.

I will gladly pay! Just need a main logo (5" or so] and some smaller ones. Probably 4 files in total.

Thank you.

-Are the files image files ( jpg, bmp, svg, png) or from some other software like Word, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, etc?

-Are the graphics ‘camera ready’ as in do not need to be redrawn or cleaned-up?

-Are you able to nest the graphic files into an easily printed document format such as Word or PDF?

-Do you have the rice paper (which is really mulberry)?

How I would proceed in this situation is to get the graphics files nested onto an 8.5 x 11" or A4 whatever size is common in your area and fits your paper. Then find a local person with a printer and have them do a test print on plain paper and then switch to rice paper. Sometimes it helps to tack the leading edge of the rice paper to regular paper go get it through the printer. The office supply strores like Staples and Office Max and the mailbox/pack-and-ship stores like Fedex-Kinkos in my area (Midwest USA) all have copier services.

The key is to have a page or two that are ‘camera ready’ and in a regular file format so the people behind the counter do not have to work so hard to get it done for you.

If you work at  place that has a printer/copier this may also be possible as a ‘home project’. If your stuff is nested in a PDF file pretty much anyone should be able to open it up and print it. Public libraries have them too but they might not want to swap in the rice paper.

I get a sense that you might not be comfortable with nesting the graphics but I could be all wrong here…I’d be inclined to help but I am pretty low-brow on graphics, using freeware and a printer that is almost out of ink…

Best bet is to find a ‘kid’ who is into Illustrator (the software) and likes a little bit of a challenge…have them take it from files to nested into a PDF and you take the PDF to a printer.