Can I add pigment color or a coloring agent to suncure?

Just wondering if I can add pigment color or a coloring agent to suncure. Not sure if there are any disadvantages. I want to make a white resin tint.

Mix in catalyst, tints dont work so hot with suncure in my experiences

remember one thing, UV cattalysed resin needs acccess to UV light. the more pigment you add the less light can get to the resin to kick it. A trasparent tint with UV cured resin is fine, you can even get a decent dark tint. BUT as you go toward the more opaque tints especially when adding white, you will run into trouble because the opaque color in the resin will not permit UV light to fully penetrate the resin down to the foam…so you basically will have a thin film of cured resin on top of resin that has not, and will never cure. Think of it like this…if you took pudding and left it out of the frige for a few hours, you’ll get a solid skin on top, but the rest of the pudding is still creamy and tasty. NO GOOD! So like surflab says, you have to catalise it with MEKP, but then if you do that there is no reason to use the UV cured resin Drew