Can I fix this - Lam w/ RR epoxy

I am a newbie laminating my first board with RR Epoxy w/ fast hardener. I was wetting out the rails when the resin started to go off. In a hurry tried to finish the board (big mistake). I ended up with a few spots on the rails where the resin did not soak into the glass, but was glassed over. (see pic)

Is this fixable? I know i have some sanding to do, but should i cut these area out with a razor or dremel tool. The only problem areas are on the rails and it is only the bottom of the board. Once i fix these area’s will the lam for the deck cover them?

Please help…Thanks

to fix – cut out the dry spots and patch the holes.

in the future – if your epoxy kicks off a little quick on ya, just let it go. mix up more resin, and throw it on to any remaining dry spots while all the rest of it has thickened up to the point of no-longer being workable, but has not cured. you can do this with epoxy…just do it quickly. no one will know the difference after it’s all done.

thanks soulstice. i will get to work.