Can I use additive F with poly resin?

Just wondering.  My sand resin went bad and I have some Add F from doing some epoxy.  Can I mix with the poly lam resin?

Haven’t heard of compatiblity issues with xylene and poly resin. Should work. Try a small, test batch to be sure.

Sure!  Why not?  OR— better yet;  Why would you???

I don’t have any surfacing agent and need to do a hotcoat.

Unless a trip to the supply store to buy actual surfacing agent requires a genie, a griffin, some hobbits and a large greying wizzard, I’d say just go buy some surfacing agent… No reason to rush and do a hotcoat with the wrong materials just because you don’t have the right ones on hand - that’s the same logic tweakers use with meth

I believe its primary Parafin in Xylene while PU surfacing agent uses Styrene and wax.but I do’t know the mixing ratios

It’s here on sways somewhere cause I remeber someone maybe Kokua talking about making his own surfacing agent before.

I guess you don’t use sanding resin just laminating resin?

I know the cheaper guys do that but I usually usually have seperate laminating, sanding and finish resins when I do poly.

I had sanding resin but it was super old and went bad.  I found another thread that stated epoxy will stick to poly (but not vice versa) so I just did epoxy hot coat.  Making a set of plywood fins and just wanted to seal my lam job.  Thanks!

Embodied in that statement is the concept of ‘‘A thing worth doing, is worth doing well.’’     As well as correctly, I might add.