Can Keel Fish be ridden from forward of centre and off the tail

I like eggs cause I like to be able to ride forward of centre. These keel fish that I see, can they be ridden foward as well as off the tail like eggs. Im wanting something a bit more lively, but I’m not a tail surfer.

Tail to middle riding boards. Shaun Thomson, Simon Anderson and other forward riding single finners from the 70’s never really fully adapted to them.

Hey Squid, I have been riding predominantly single fins and fish for about 1 year. Its a different type of ride between them for sure. The fish feels a but mushy in the turns when standing forward. It realy takes off with your back foot further back. Both are really fun and both have real drive. They do complement each other well (worth having one of each).

Thanks bobo looks like ill be getting one soon.

Keel fish SHOULD be ridden - frequently - off the tail, and you CAN noseride them at trim! “Give a man a fish and he’ll…”