Can someone identify these fins?

Can someone tell me what fins these are. I know the white one is a Kevin Connelly, but can’t find anything on-line? Anyone have any history or reviews?


Doh! (homerism)

Here they are, thanks for the help.

i don’t know anything about either but they look like decent fins.

i have the white Fins Unlimited…it’s a little too much fin for a 9’0", but suits my 9’6"+ boards very well.

don’t know about the cutaway, but it looks decent enough…take her for a test drive.

Can someone tell me what fins these are. I know the white one is a Kevin Connelly, but can't find anything on-line? Anyone have any history or reviews?

Did you mean the red one is Kevin Connelly? It looks like that’s what it says.

I may be wrong, but I think the initials (on the white one) are how Donald Takayama signed the Fins Unlimited fins until he got together with Island Fin Design.

They’re nice fins, but certainly not historical in any way. As for a review…fins are pretty dang subjective. You’re better off just bringing them to the beach with a board & a screwdriver. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. I am debating what to do with these and wanted to get a handle on the fins. After two incidents in the last two years I am looking to move all my Family’s fins over to Proteck. I just bought a 7in for my performance longboard and a 9in for my log.

I will probably hang on to these until I can get them wet and see what they do in the small summer surf. I just didn’t want to get rid of them until I knew what I have. The white is so big I have to believe it will make a nice straight stable glide on my log in small waves.

Thanks for the reply. The white came with a 9 6 and the red with a 9 2. What do you mean: too much for 9’0" ?

it’s just too much fin…board didn’t turn properly…too pivoty…no speed comin’ outta turns…suits my bigger boards better

Aloha Latelifer,

for sure the white fin: Joel Tudor “flow model”. I have the same fin. The fin should have came with any Donald Takayama “Tudor flow model”. Very sweet all around board. I have a 10 footer. After Donald stopped the “tudor flow model” a few years back. Eventually, the “tudor flow model” became the “Double ender”,which I have 9’8". My favorite all around board…double ender, great for small to over head south shore breaks. I post pics of fin and boards.

hope this helps…live aloha!

here’s the pics…gift to myself back in the day when I rec’d my Doctorate !

aloha Soulstice,

I’ll introduce you to Lance Ho’okano, he rips on single fin boards. Hopefully, you are not using a large fin like that on any performance board? It’s all about the old school feel…aloha

i surf with a very traditional style, and i like to maximize my time on the tip. i ride what gets the job done, which means i very seldom bust out the hi-pro board.

also, that fin is not the tudor flow model. i don’t recall exactly which model it is, but i bought that fin a couple months ago…i’ll look it up after dinner.