Can these be fixed

Due to poor packing and careless shipping 2 blanks got damaged, here are the photos, can anyone tell me how and if they are fixable to the point where know one can tell when they are finished

Thanks Tom

That first one looks like you got a free swallow tail out of the deal…and by “tail” i mean nose.


I’ve had blanks come in just as bad. First thing get reimbursed. Those blanks should be covered under shippers insurance. Free!

You can glue back together will something like Gorilla Glue. But you’ll see that line from the glue. After shaped you could tape off stringer and paint board white. Magic.

I am getting new blanks shipped to me free of charge

congratulations on the free foam, sir.

^agreed. Looks like PU to me. GG or elmers. The rail might not even be an issue depending how narrow a board to plan to shape from it.

Either way, you can glue it back (don’t use much)Then you can paint the blank, cloth inlay, or paint hotcoat to cover it. If you even care to. I use those blanks to make boards for myself. Free!

P U foam

After you do what has already been suggested…Use colored pencils to make fake wood grain where the stringer gets glued back together.

Ouch and nice score on the free foam. Just cut thenose off, leaving the stringer (albeit cut the damaged foam off/out but dont touch the stringer) glue in blocks of foam and shape them down to match the surrounding foam. If you use the right glue or paint it they’ll never tell.

do you mind if I ask who shipped those? I am concerned as I just ordered blanks today and I hope they don’t arrive that way. I understand if you don’t want to say, as it seems they are making it right. Good luck with the repairs!


I don’t mind, Yellow Freight was the shipper but I also had problems with Conway, this has been the worst so far, but a large part of why they were damaged is the way they were packed. I’m not saying what brand blanks they are because they are shipping me out 4 new blanks ASAP with no hassles. To me they are a stand up foam blank company and shit happens


Use the new white Gorilla Glue, and rig up some way to low-pressure clamp them (rope + padding + bungee cords). Gorilla glue is a foaming urethane, and you shouldn’t see any problems shaping. Once it’s glassed, it will be plenty strong. If you plan on clear or any tints, you’ll see the glue line.

Just my 2 cents… I’d say pinning them back together to make a personal board would be fine. Doing the same, covering up the flaw, and selling it to an un-informed paying customer would be a d*ck move. Not saying that would be the case, but I had that pulled on me once, and discovered the cover-up after the board snapped at the patch-job.

I going to practice paint and resin patterns on these boards, screw it up mow it down start all over, Darth, Obiwon, Atomized and Austin beware !

Can you find the rail damage

13 buckets of colored resin, 8’ 4" all by myself

I am the Shit That Killed Elvis

Thank you all for the great advice