Can twisted boards be fixed?

Hi guys! I have this beautiful early era Skip Frye single fin gun I recently fixed up. It’s water tight and ready to rip finally. The only thing that’s wrong with it is this twist. You see looking at the tail the left side is higher, flipped around from the nose the left side is higher as well. Has anyone ever had any luck untwisting boards? I’m going out of town for a week and was thinking about putting the board up on saw horses and putting a cinder block on the high points and seeing what I come home to. Any thoughts?

Despite the twist it’s super fun to ride, here’s a few extra pics for show. Not every day you see a frye with a foam stain. Colors are amazing!

I have seen Mr. Jim Phillips salvage twisted boards, that I would have thrown into a dumpster.

Thanks, hey I found some info elsewhere on swaylocks… hot car / clamps… got it. Hope it doesn’t delam more. Will report back.

One day i will build a board that is not twisted.

All the best

I would leave it as is. It will probably surf worse if you mess with it. And if it has delam you could make those worse too.

I’d ride it first. If it rides good I wouldn’t mess with it.

Thanks for the input. It rides great I think… maybe because I grinded off the fin and reset it. Plenty of delam going on I fixed with a syringe filled with lam resin. Don’t want to see that pop up again. If it untwisted the fin would probably be crooked

That’s not twisted; It just has an asymmetrical rocker.
Beautiful board, I’d leave it alone.