Can you fix a slow board with new fin placement?

Hey Gurus,

Looking for support on how to fix a slow board, if possible.
The details are in the plan shape and I put the fins at 8.5" from the back, 1/8" toe, 4 deg cant, 1.5" from the edge. Note the rails are downish style and probably a bit too pinched. Bottom contours are a basic single to double to vee.

I’ve ridden a few times with a few different sets of twin fins and it goes okay on mid size waves but always feels slow once you lose momentum on smaller waves. Just feels like it doesn’t want to go. It does paddle and glide in waves really well. I’ve only made 6 boards so far but every other board with more rocker has performaned much better.

My question is, can the lack of speed generation be due to the fin placement? I understand it may just be a bad rocker (or foil, shape, rails, etc.) but I’m wondering whether adjustment of the fin placement can fix the issue. Still deciding if I should try it as moving the boxes to a standard thruster setup, push up the twin (plus trailer) placement to around 9.5 -10" up or even try out a quad setup.

Has anyone made a bit of a runt of a board then turned it around with a new fin setup or placement? Or is a slow board always going to be a slow board…

Also open to constructive critism on the board in general.

How many different sets of fins have you tried? I have had boards completely transformed by simply changing fins. I have a Sharpeye Disco Cheater that I wasn’t happy with until about the fourth different set of fins I tried.

I tried a couple of different twin fin sets but everything felt like anchors.
Reinstalling the fins up and straighter to see what happens.

so much going on here…what is the length of the board. are you trying to do a twin, 3fin widow maker set up, single? what’s the plan? You see when we build a board we usually have an idea in place what will be the best set up. Nowadays guys think they can toggle between a single fin, to a trifin, to a twinfin…but this is not good. A jack of all trade, master of none is not a good set up. 8.5 from back sounds like a twinfin? or a really wonky back fins for a quad?

-Resinhead The Great