Canard Quad Setup Placement?

Hello everyone out there. I want to start by saying that I have already searched the Archive and was unable to find what I was looking for.

I just finished a new fish with the dimensions 6’0’’ Long 14.25’‘N and 15.50’‘T and 12.50’’ at the tips of the Swallow Tail. I shaped this board to use in the local beach breaks and often shore breaks that we have here in North Florida, and am planning on setting it up as a Canard Quad for these conditions. As I mentioned before I live in Florida and I have never seen a true Canard Quad in order to check toe in and fin placement.

Can anyone out there help me out with the Canard Quad fin placement and toe in on a board similar to the one mentioned above that I just finished. Please.

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Look at the Toby article on on the last page is a great picture of the fins/tail (may be just the fin marks on foam). Word (hearsay actually) from Toby is that the fins point to the tips. So trailing fin points to the board swallow tip and the leading fin points to the bump he puts in these boards. Fins do not overlap.

I may have some more information in another location. Just went through the same process myself.

That is a great photo ( attached below ) illustrating how to lay out the design. However, I am looking for something more concrete such as distances from swallow pins and rail also toe in measurements. I know these will depend on the shaper but I am a novice and am truly at a loss about placement. Does anyone have the measurements for the canard quad fin placements for a similar board to the one mentioned above.

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Does anyone out there have the canard fin placement measurments that they would be willing to share?

Hey Icarus.

Just about to plonk some fins on my latest 5’8 fishee, and this is what I’ve dredged up re the Quad set-up:

-Back fins double foiled, 5.5" up from tips, no toe-in, 1.5" to 1.75" in from rail, 7 dgr cant.

-Front fins single foiled, 11" up from tips, toe-in ‘to taste’ (I do mine to a point 2.5-3" either side of the nose), 1.5" in from rail, 7 dgr cant.

Hope this is of some help. Good luck!


i was taught 4 degress cant on the 747s and 7 degress cant on the front fins…

Aha! Someone of the 4-degrees-cant-on-the-747’s persuasion!

You’re right. Some definitely do less cant on the back fins (Mandala etc), others do equal amounts. Anybody have something clever to add to this?


Gracias. How much farther forward should I move this cluster due to the increased length?