Can't respond to anything

Have been a “member” since 2001… Find out I can’t post a response on any thread… Had to backdoor a PM to Bill Barnfield to get an answer regarding a blank he designed for Clark since I wasn’t permitted to post it in the Hot Seat thread.

I build boards for a living, have never posted anything remotely controversial or distasteful on this forum.

Who came up with this bullshit policy, or even worse, this “filter” that only allows certain profiles with a certain number of contributions, to exclude those of us too busy working to post constantly??

All about the points! the forum wont let you reply to anything (even you’re own post) unrill you have 15 points. Thats why you’ll see alot of “replying to reply to my earlier post”

I think they just need to set the threshold to Zero so that people with less than zero can’t cause problems.  Its a good and unfortunately necessary policy.

I didn’t know that change was in the works; I agree its an annoyance… please don’t leave due to minor technical difficulties. 

I don’t agree that this is the best solution (groupthink exclusion) but for now it appears to be the current policy.  If you need points to post just say so.

I don’t think you need 15 or even 10 to reply, is there even still a minimum requirement?