Carbon fiber mono-filament

Hi everybody - Does anyone know where I can get some carbon fiber “thread?” I tried TAP Plastics, Fiberglass supply, and some other web sites… to no avail. The guy at Fiberglass supply said it’s called “toe,” (as in the weaver toes it??) and the stuff in the unidirectional weaves is “12K” as in 12,000 filaments/thread, 8 threads/inch.

Anyway, if anyone has a heads up to a small spool, I’d be greatfull.

Thanks, as usual, Taylor.

Ps. “Aloha…”

I believe if you check at your local marine supplier,

WEST makes a small spool of unidirectional carbon

just look for the west systems products


Check out this thread, lots of info on carbon tow.;post=252317;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25; Just curious on how you plan to use it as well. You could always get some carbon tape from these guys and pull the tow out depending on how much you wanna use

Taylor - how much do you need? PM me your address, I have some (if I can find it in my garage, that is!)


Just check West’s site… no tow. Just uni-direcional… Which I can find other places, but I’m tired of “un” weaving it.

Called a big, local marine supplier… no go.

Yikes… that thread is FIVE pages long… Ha! Maybe someone has a more direct link… I’ll try again later.

See my other reply re. “un” weaving.

Hey Keith - If you got 70yrds or so let me know, and I’ll PM ya re. details.

For those of you who are interested -

I plan on putting compound curve deck channels on my latest, in liew of a stringer, and I’d like to put carbon fiber in the channel. And, it will lay in the compound curve in the “monofilament” form much easier than in the “unidirectional” form (actually I have to “un” weave it).

Thanks again for all your help - Taylor

Ps. “Aloha…”

I saw a bunch of different kinds of carbon thread at ACP yesterday. I didn’t pay much attention to what they had since I wasn’t looking for it but…

Taylor, I have one spool of tow that looks just like this stuff (if I can find it). before I go hunting it down, is this what you want?

Oh my god, dude… That’s exactly what I want!!! Let me know if you find it and what you need for it.

Maybe there is a plan… Ha! Thanks all, (Esp. Keith!) Taylor.

found it in the garage! (will miracles never cease?), got 90 yds Hexcel 12k tow on a spool for you, ready to go - just need a mailing address (PM is fine) and a promise that you’ll post pictures when you’re done…no charge.

what about spectra?

tuff line? 150 lb test…

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