Carbon Fiber Tails like the Pro Boards

Anyone know where to get larger sheets of carbon fiber strands to make tails patches like you see on tons of brand name boards? I know every board supplier sells different carbon fiber tapes, etc. At most they are 5-6 strands. You could make the same look as the pic below but would require cutting a few rows and stacking them on each other which I doubt the glass houses are doing.  Would also be hard to stack them in a perfect straight line… 

In Australia, try these guys:

But not everything that looks like CF is actually CF. See here:

most of the brand name boards use rice paper , printed to look like carbon fibre .

Good sources.  These tapes are available by the yard from a variety of Suppliers.  So many different ones it’s hard to keep up with them.

Thanks, anyone know any in the US? Every shaping supply place I know sells this stuff which doesnt get the same look as my original pic. 

Fiberglass hawaii has something similar to what you are looking for.