Carbon Tissue

Who has a good line on carbon tissue (aka veil or mat)?

Have you played around with it… Mike D., Bill T., Afoaf, GL , Reverb, Oneula… anyone?

I’m looking for sources at best price scenairo… not over 3 oz max. preferably 1 to 2 oz.

I haven't used it on boards, but it is really good for the initial layer on hand layed up molds, minimising surface bubbles and reducing imprinting to almost zero.

Most of it I've seen it very light (less than 1 0z). As wildy says, it's primarily used to prevent print-through in molded parts. As carbon goes, it's very cheap from a variety of sources.

Thanks for the replies… I used some very light ounce carbon mat on a sailboard I built for myself in the early 80’s… the board project was to make a short EPs board that I could use in real light wind. I had some very light EPS (less than 1 lb.) and the board was 6" thick, 8’10"x21"… it weighed out at 9.8 lbs.  

Anyway I got the carbon mat from a place that supplied hobbyist remote control model airplanes… it was probably less than 2 oz. and I was shocked at how strong it ended up coming out. 

It seems difficult to find those sources now, so I thought I’d throw it out on the Sway’s wall and see if anything sticks or comes back. 


I saw some carbon fiber lookin stuff in Surf Source yesterday. Not sure what it was other than carbon fiber. I get distracted easily... N/E fla. 904-247-0808, tell em hickey sent ya.. good luck

is this the stuff you are after?



This is the same site I found… only has .2 and .5 oz carbon tissue. I may get some and test it. Otherwise I haven’t seen much else for 1 to 2 oz. which may be more what I’m after. I’m also looking for carbon weave under 3 oz. preferably in a tape for rails I’ll go back and look at this site but I think the tape was heavier ounce.

I seriously doubt that Surf Source will be competitive for someone in the industry. They do a good job of offering hobbyists a wide range of items for the DIY’er.  Fiberglass Hawaii carries 5 oz carbon but the primary problem for any hand layups using this ounce is that carbon weave is famous for puckering (swelling) with epoxy applications.

I just did an EPS carbon reinforced epoxy board for a customer that is adding to his quiver from me… they are all EPS/Epoxy/s2 glass but he hammers decks so we went with carbon decking.

The lighter carbon is for application on little shorties that I want to come in at 2-1/2 to 3-1/2" lbs. but strong. This is hard to do w/anything that can stand up to airs and new age surfing.

Thanks for your post. Used these guys quite a bit in my kiteboard building days.  If I remember correctly the .5 stuff is supposed to be equal to 4 oz E. without the weight gain, seemed about right.  They also have Kevlar in the veil that was very easy to work with, cutting, resin pickup, etc. 


Thanks DMP… that site looks like the ticket.

Hey Dead,

I've also seen the stuff you're describing in the Fiberglast catalogue as well as the aramid matte mentioned above.  If memory serves they call it .25 oz., but that may be per square foot since it's a matte.




Thanks. Actually the site DMP offered up has got it all. Since I did this thread I’ve been looking at the thread on cork and that is a very worthwhile alternative in relation to low cost effective application on EPS epoxy boards. 

I can do expensive high tech stuff and the price skyrockets, or I can look at the cork alternative and stay greener and lower cost with very promising results.

It just depends on how these materials stack up to one another. Or, maybe in conjunction with each other.

Cloth, cork & carbon, kevlar or carbon kevlar underlay might be the super strong ticket to ride.

Your welcome,

Talked to the site owner once.  He races R/C planes.  Planes had to be strong and light to go fast and handle crashes, sounds familiar? 

Their veil tissue held up really well on the kiteboards.  The carbon would tend to deform more than explosively fail, which was a good thing.

Yeah, the carbon mat I put on my ultralite sailboard back in mid 80’s held up extremely well. I’m trying to recall what I used with the carbon veil… probably some E and S glass, but the EPS I had was less than 1.0 even tho’ the desnitiy on most EPS is an approximate more than a given. Still, the point being, the thing handled a pounding, was light as all get out and I regularly fooled people into tinking they could plane up in light wind on the PUPE sailboards that were longer.

It would go like this:

“Hmm, there goes Bruce… ahh, he’s planing… what’s he on? 8’10”? Really? that’s his 6.2 sail… ah, I’ll be fine"


LOL. Fooled again.