Care and feeding of Skil 100

I just picked up a Skil 100 for a song. It is the Type 3, 5.5 amp. Semi rough condition. Does anyone have a schematic and or parts list I could get a copy of? It would be greatly appreciated. Any sources for parts like brushes, blades etc… Anyone have a parts Plane for Sale? Any help would be welcome. Pros and Cons of trimming off the rear? was never modified to shape.Thanks in advance Greg

Greg: I have shematics of most of the models, received from Skil via fax. I can send you copies of what I have. Original parts are sketchy, very few if any left. Blades are easy to find aftermarket just search on the Internet. Brushes and bearings are standard sizes, look locally for power tool service center in your area. Bosch/Skil still has switches but that’s about it for OEM parts. Most coveted parts are cast parts and belt drive gears. I wouldn’t cut your shoe if it is uncut and intact. Drop me an e-mail from the Resources>>>>>Boards area of Sway’s. Tom S.

Thanks Tom. I am not sure how to E-mail you through the Resources area. I would really appreciate a Schematic. Greg

just reply here with your e-mail and I’ll get in touch w/you. Tom S.

Is there any secret to setting new blades in a Skill 100? Im having trouble keeping them paralel to the base.

Thanks Tom. . I am looking to repair a cracked foot before it breaks or find a replacement… any suggestions? Greg

For setting blades I take the belt cover off so I can rotate the cutterhead easily by grabbing the sprocket.Oil it up and use the set screw to raise the blades flush with rear shoe.Its tricky as you have to getjust enough tension to hold the blades.I use a straight edge layed flat along the base to get the right setting.Some guys use a piece of glass.Lastly tighten the set screws.As for the cracked casting I fixed mine by lightly grinding the cracked area and overlayed it with west epoxy resin and fiberglass.They just sold a skil on Ebay for something like 200 dollars with a crack on the front shoe that could have been fixed up really easy.By the way…Hello Tom Sterne sorry I missed your call. R. Brucker

Hey Nosetime,I just went back to check that planer on Ebay and I guess you were the one that got it.I was going to leave a bid for $325 figuring that the little crack would bring the price down,I forgot all about it.Funny as hell eh?Its small world and I am glad you got it.Let us know if you need any more help. R. Brucker

Thanks Cleanlines. Yhea I was stoked to snag that deal on E-bay. Frankly I was suprised I won. It is usable, but I want to fix it. Has a new belt and gears. Blades sharpened up nicely, good brushes. Funny you mention West as thats what I had planned to do with a lot of experience with it on boats.My only hesitation was affecting the resale if I ever did that. I reason the Heliarc repair would be better, but a repair is a repair. Sherman wants 40-50 bucks to repair so I am still ahead of the game.Regaurds, Greg

I hear that Gene Sherman tool repair is a great outfit.I would go with them,I can’t weld (wish I could).Luck. R. Brucker

Welding is the best option, other that replacing it with a newer part. You may want to take the cheap-mans way out(though you know the risks). Cheap-mas solution: Use epoxy. I can hear the heckles already guys…

When I did the epoxy repair I took the shoe off and glassed the back (inside) first.For the outside I took a die grinder and slightly dished out the patch area and built it up with 4ounce glass and west epoxy.Finally a round file and sanding block faired it all in so you could not feel it.Its held up for around 12 years so far.As for the front shoe, Steve Boehn (spelling?) of Infinity Surfboards told me a few years ago that they knew a guy that was milling new Skil front shoes out of solid aluminum on a CNC machine.Thats all I know but you may want to contact Infinity Surfboards. R. Brucker

Dropped it of at Sherman yesterday for heliarc - $ 50.00 - which brings my investment total to $277.00. Carlos has a 7.5 amp Chopped and repainted for $800.00 if anyone is interested. Greg

Howzit Nosetime.I am on the east coast but I spoke to Carlos on the phone about a year ago.Seems like he told me he could take a 5.5 amp and bump it to 7.5 amp by rewinding it.DO you mind asking him about this?I may have misunderstood him.Thanks, R. Brucker

Absolutley! I’ll ask when I pick it up next week. Fyi- a neat little shop filled with tools… and tools to work on tools! The Corkboard on the wall filled with Buisness Cards from Shapers, ShipYards and Woodworkers reads like a “whose who” from those industries.Take care, Greg

Picked up today. Smooth as silk for $50.00. Now, the rewind is sent somewhere in Los Angeles. After they check the Armmeture… they rewind with the appropriate gauge wire. Depends on something I would not presume to tell you. Cost aprox. $100.00 to $140.00 to convert to 7.5 amp. Hope this helps, Greg