Wow…it looks like I’m late for the discussions on Bill Caster (as posted during 2003)! As his son it brought a smile to my face knowing that over 15 years after his death people are still raving about what a great guy he was. He influenced them by either a killer board or his generosity as a person. Please keep up the good vibe of “Caster”, I’d love to hear from everyone. Even today he strongly influeneces my life and it gets re-affirmed every time I surf on my Caster board (shaped by my Uncle Hank Warner with a Caster decal) and someone starts talking to me in the line up about Billy Caster…not knowing I’m his son…Very Cool! Thanks to everyone who gives my dad his well deserved props. Dave Caster

Love you too Dave. Congrats on the wedding. Your father’s influence on me as a quality human may only be exceeded by by his impecable craftsmanship and high functioning boards. Keep surfing.

that has to be such a good feeling Dave-good for you (and your dad!)

His shapes were clean.

Hi Dave, Please send me your email adress, so I can share a couple of stories with you. Best regards, Jim Hollis

Great…here ya go Jim

David - here’s another… The Best shortboard I ever had was a Caster. Wonderful, totally mindless, machine of a tri-fin. I sold it on consignment at Bunger’s in the 80’s. Had a wierd yellow-to-pink airbrush of raidiating lines on the nose. It’s probably living under someones house out in eastern Long Island. If it still lives… who ever has it… I want it back! Eric J

I have an airbrushed blue Caster I ordered in 1980. It is a round pintail, with wings, 6’2", probably 22 or 21 1/2 wide. I grew up in Galveston Texas and they sold Casters at Island Surf Shop on 61st street. I ordered one custom and had the factory paint a red heart on the bottom with my then girlfriend’s initials. It is now mild/moderately water-logged, has a good bit of tail damage (the tail was wafer thin, the bulk of the board was in the middle)but the contour, sweet blue airbrush and red caster logo look good. Bill’s son: I’d be happy to try to get it to you if it would be meaningful for you. I imagine shipping would be about $100 from Galveston, but can be done. Perhaps you have many of them, but if you are interested let me know. I’ve thought alot about getting it restored but haven’t yet. Loved that board. Take care, Mark in Austin Texas

There’s a guy where I live who rides a 7’0" yellow single fin Caster. He lets me ride it every now and then. Rockin board. Tell you dad thanks for the good times. sea