Catalyst for Gloss Coat

What would you kick off 1 quart of gloss coat at 75 degrees? I tried 35CC but it seemed to slow?

…Should have been enough…add some styrene to it next time,like a cc per ounce.Herb

Try using Hi-point 90. It seems to kick off more consistantly…at least for me. 35cc @ 75 degrees sounds about right unless it was really damp or something. I fact it should have kicke off pretty fast. Was it old catalyst?I haven’t used regular MEKP for a while, I’m sold on Hi-Point 90.

Where do you get that?

Fiberglass Hawaii. Sorry, I don’t have their number handy. There is one in Santa Cruz and one in Santa Barbara. Where are you at? You should be able to get it at the same place you get the rest of your glassing supplies. I don’t think it’s uncommon, in fact, everyplace I’ve glassed seems to prefer it over regular MEKP.

Hey Herb can you elaborate for me… Styrene Wax or Styrene Monomer… I would have to assume Wax if things are staying gummy, but you guys kick around these terms (S.A = Surfacing Agent = Wax??) so much when it comes to gloss coats I want to make sure I hear you right; and I am just starting to figure out that there is some sort of art to getting that gloss that I see on the showroom floor - or a magic word or something that you guys aren’t giving out.

…I WAS TALKING ABOUT JUST STYRENE, NOT S.A., S.A.(surfacing agent,promoter,wax,etc.) IS STYRENE W/ WAX IN IT.You can however add say 50/50 of each if it’s coming out too gummy.What the heck is he using a whole quart for…I don’t know???A cup or a pint is plenty.Herb

Howzit Herb, Gummy gloss resin is a new one to me,we all Know that gloss resin has wax in it already and our TOP SECRET Formulars call for even more wax added,so I’m wondering how that could happen. Even a longboard gloss takes only about 20ozs of resin at the very most. Aloha, Kokua

…OLD GLOSS,I guess?Herb

To answer the question "How do you get that gloss that you see on the showroom floor?"Well its done by machine polishing and we have talked a lot about it in the past.No gloss off the brush looks perfect.Some of you guys are new and I am wondering if maybe polishing should be the subject.By the way a quart of resin is way too much like the guys said. R.B.

Catalyst Cross Reference Guide. Norac: 925 Reichhold: 747 (exact same catalyst as 925 with different label) Atofina: DHD-9 Akzo: L-50A Crompton: Hi Point 90 Two most common catalyst in California surfboard shops are Norac 925 or Crompton Hi Point 90. Very similar catalyst, though the hp90 might kick a little tiny bit hotter. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. All the above catalysts will work fine, regardless of which brand is available in your area. Sluggo