Ok. So im ready to start my first glass job. Since this is my first time doing this I’d like to know what you guys/gals would recomend with my conditions. The day temp has been and or will be between 70-77 High about 55-60 Low for the next couple of days. During the week I can only work on it after work.(6pm) So I would be dealing with about a 68 degree temp. As this is my first time, I want to try and have a bit extra time to work with the resin. (I’d hate to have it kick early, being my first time) The board is 6’3" Any Resin/ Catalyst recomendation? As of now im going by “glassing 101” When do you guys flip your boards to Laminate the oposite side, is there a rule of thumb? Thanks for any info, Kevin

whoa, nice weather! it was 90something here today. shit’s kickin off quick here. are you doing it indoors or out? how’s the humidity? it’s a killer. I’d use 1.5% mekp (hotcoat use more). 6’3" at that temp you ought to be fine. being your first it’ll probably go off on you anyway, but that’s ok we can fix it. flip it when it’s hard (after you’ve fixed it).

Kevin - he’s something I’ve done but get the experts advice on this (as I’m in the less than 20 boards category). Put a really small amount of catalyst (mekp) say 1/2 % so it’ll take like hours to go off. Then do your laminate with this resin - should give you plenty of time. When you’re happy with it put more catalyst in the pot (maybe 2 - 5% make it pretty hot) then squeegee a thin layer of this all over the laminate. This should set it off pretty quick. Only problem is if you take a real long time resin may soak more into the foam making it heavier/weaker. I usaually spray my shaped blank (white acrylic for a clear board) and I think that helps keep the blank sealed (but I don’t know for sure). It’s worked okay for me on really hot days - but any comments from the experts would be welcome. Russ

Thanks guys. This is going to be an in the garage(two windows) project. The humidity during the day has been as low as 40% during the day and up to 96% during the midnight-5am hours. It seems as though from 5pm to 8pm the Humidity is between 45% to 75% with 74 degree temps. Todays high is 83. I don’t see myself going pokey slow, I just don’t want it to kick like a rocket. Maybe 20 minutes then kick.? (per side) After how long til the resin begins to add substantial wieght from soaking in the foam? That will definately want to be avioded. Thanx again fellas. Kevin

What are your percentages based on. 1 quart of resin? (per side)

Use 1% catalyst and don’t panic. I’ve never heard of the 1/2 % then kick it with 2-5% method, to me that sounds like a recipe for smoke/fire and a very brittle end product. If you are really concerned about your work time use UV resin.

Sounds good to me keith. Thanks

Maybe 20 minutes then kick.? (per side) 1.5% ought to get you there. it’s quirky though you gotta do it a few times and take the elements into account and figure what’s best for you in your area. After how long til the resin begins to add substantial wieght from soaking in the foam? about 20 mins

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