Category 5 Industries - FL Shapers and Glassers PLZ READ!

Howdy - I am John Holladay, Co Founder and Shaper/Glasser for Category 5
Industries (C5I). Cat 5 has been in business for over a year, established to be
a collaborative factory for manufacturers in the NFL area and focused on an all
inclusive “one stop shop” and premier new tech for everything that
goes in the water. We have a huge factory and showroom location in Jacksonville
Beach FL: over 4000sq ft, 3 shaping rooms, 2 glassing rooms (one poly one
epoxy), airbrushing room, Ding repair areas and storage, Blank mfg area, SUP
and Foam storage, Vac Bagging, Showroom with a break area, board room, private
offices and full bathrooms.

Currently the factory houses myself, Tim Chew, and Mike Pedigo (of Flyline
Surfboards) all of us work part time + and still have more work and more space
to share.

ASSIST IN PRODUCTION! I am VERY flexible on rent as my overhead is low anyway. **

The factory has AC and Heat, great location, and we are all nice and easy to
get along with. Some other things that we do here:

C5I handles ding repair for some of the largest surf shops in Jacksonville,
so the business is flowing. I have always specialized in Epoxy laminations so
have a full setup and glassing areas large enough for SUPs + and we cut EPS
blanks in house that we also sell internationally, we have easy access and
purchasing of PU and other EPS foam, we have a full Vac system set up, we sell
surfboard kits, accessories, lessons… you name it, I have started to get heavily
involved in the wakesurf industry and currently sponsor many pro riders (#2
girl in the world and #1 in the nation plus others riding our wake models), the
factory advertises on the local reports and magazines and we generate a good
amount of walk in business. Also have a live cam that can broadcast through any
room in the shop for a nice perk to customers.

Currently Tim and I are the owners of the factory and we are renting space
to those who are looking to produce their own label, assist in making ours,
those who would like to buy in to the company, or people just looking to make a
single or handful of boards. 

Here is the website:

Pix are below, Please do not hesitate to contact me: John ~ 904-716-3713

The pix dont do the place justice and I could not get shots for every room.

If you are even considering it, just give me a call to chat for a second,
Ill give you some more info and the address so you can come by and hang out.


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