Caught short

Trying to wrap up my first build.  Due to miscalculartions the deck lam kicked hard before I got the cloth wrapped to the hull completely.  I’ve trimmed to tags and faired it out.  My current resources are enogh cloth to wrap the lenght of the rails and carryover the wraps an inch or two onto the deck and hull.  I’ve got a quart of sanding resin and a quart of lam resin.  The board is 5’0" x 13 x 19.5 x 15.5" (x 2.5") for the grands.   

Will a quart of sanding resin carry me through the rail reinforcement, a fill coat, and finish coat?  

If not, can I use the lam resin to complete the job?  I don’t have additive, but do have parafin.



I don’t follow… 

post some pics. 

All your lamination is with laminating resin. 

Skim/cheater/baste coat with lam resin

hotcoat with sanding resin. 

Finish coat??? - your done at the hotcoat. 

If you want gloss - you use gloss resin. 

Based on your verbal description you should have enough resin if you use it right… again pics would help steer you in the right direction.