cdrive fins available *PIC*

ok guys i promised i would send you the info for these awesome fins, i found them very enjoyable to ride. you will have to try them to comment for yourself

Are these made for fcs, futures, red x, lok box, or glass on?? I have a hand made, carbon fiber fin similar to this. Made in TEXAS!! The difference is it isn’t as swept back and I use it for a trailing fin. It makes my board stick to the wave, but not lose any speed. BTW, I’ve had this fin for 2 1/2 - 3 years.

So where’s the link, I can’t find anything on google about these? Thanks, Ryan

G-day Jeff well its been 5yrs in R&d and 2yrs full on testing from groms to pros.C-drive is best suited with fin sulitions & glass ons we have done testing as fcs with Richie Lovett,also Kable rowlinson air kid freak also Dean Morrison loves the glass ons.There is a fine line for C-Drive 2 work and not 2 work but if u have any enquries please E-Mail me.Thanks DEAN COLE

dean give me the run down on why these fins are so good …in your own words , not a pre recorded parroted marketing blurb… regards BERT

More “pics” - What makes these so different from the one I used that looked just like it @ 20 years ago? Than one wasn’t so great. tO

So I’ll be able to rip like the Dingo himself. Sign me up sight unseen… I’ll take 100 sets. [wink]

Hi, my name is alberto and I’m very curious to know more about your fins. Where is possible to see them on the net? Why are they better compared to the others? Thank you very much alberto

Well Bert - those were my own words - being pretty computer illiterate and not an English Major I just tried to give an example of what has been happening with C-drive since we first came up with the concept. Anyway C-drive gives more stability, does not lose speed through turns and gains speed where traditional fins dont. We will have our web-site up and running within the next month you can get all the information you are after from that. Thanks - Dean

G-day Ryan G to order C-drive fins place order on E-mail Address with all your contact and return address details. Payment must be made in full to our Company Business Account before fins leave Australia. You can acquire account details upon order. PS - Yes you will be able to rip like Dingo!!! Thanks - Dean.

G’day Alberto - our web site will be up and running within the next month so you will be able to view pictures and find all the information you need then. Check out my response to bert burger - gives you a little bit of an insight as to what they do. Thanks - Dean.

G’day - T E Olsen - I would love to see a picture of these fins from 20 years ago - cause we have spent the last 3 years donig a world wide search for anything similar to our design and there has never been another fin documented or photographed that looks anything like C-drive - which is why we were able to go ahead with our Patent. You should give C-drive a surf and see for yourself how they perform - I am sure you will be quite impressed - I look forward to your response. Thanks - Dean.

Alberto where u come from? Modena? [smile]