Cedar Strip/Epoxy Construction

I am building a 9’ monocoque longboard gun. It will be made using the cove and bead cedar strip/epoxy construction methods of canoe and kayak builders. At this point the hardback/mould is completed and the cedar is milled (1/2" strips but I have some 7/8" as well). I have just begun the stripping of the rails. I have heard that others have tried this method and would like to hear your comments if you frequent this site. I could also be reached at the site below(while the site is a .com, I am a hobby builder). Thanks. Patrick http://www.shannonsurfboards.com

Cool project. Gary Young in Hawaii has done all kinds of cold molded surfboards over the years. I think he has a website, youngsurfboards.com. I hope your posting the results.

Greg: Thanks for the info. I have not found Gary Young’s site, but have found several articles about his work with bamboo. Take care. Patrick

Check out the forum from Wooden Boat magazine at www.woodenboat.com there’s lots of data there and cold molding is almost a “traditional” method by now. By coincidence I was talking to a boat builder in Canada the other day and one thing he mentioned was the resin content in the wood in regarding to bonding with glue - too much resin in the wood could leave a poor bond. I don’t think cedar has a high resin content so you are probably OK and cedar is a fantastic “boat” wood to boot. Good luck and post some pictures.

I received an e-mail with a picture of Gary Young and a beautiful foam/bamboo gun. It’s down a few pages (#110) in this article from Groundswell… http://groundswellsociety.org/pdf/07_TGS_Equipment-Gary_Young.pdf

Chris/John: Thanks for the tip and article. Have had minor problems with old growth verus new growth cedar in the past - this time only new growth is being used. The article contains some photos you don’t often see. Well worth the read. Patrick