Cellulose paint and fibre glass.... Are they a good couple?

Bonjour shapers,

im going to be custom spraying my creations. I’m kinda sure it’s fine but just want to check with the spraying pros amoung you if cellulose paint/thinners etc are all ok to use on boards. A quick run down would help… 

Your time is always appreciated. 

Cheers from rainy England!!!

Your best bet is to ALWAYS run a sample test on a piece of scrap material.  Use the resin you will be using and the same paint brand and color you will be using.

Paints, even the same brand, can change from one manifestation to the next.  Paint manufacturers are always having to change formulas to conform to one new regulation or another.  Sometimes the pigments used in one color aren’t as colorfast as another.

Test test test.  You won’t go wrong that way.

 Loads of scrap laying about. 

Thanks for taking the time to reply.