centre fin box placement and glassing allowances

hi basically on board 2 here - in regards to rail thickness and board thickness as ones shaping does the feel of the rail and foil alter much with the glassing,  as the first board i did you can feel it , its just how to if one even bothers on relative thickness in the finnishing sanding process pre plassing 

And - pin box placement based on the attached image i was aiming for 5.5" off the tail for the rear of the 10.5" box would that seem to be about right ( its not Hull like contours  ) 

many thanks 

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Fiberglass adds a little thickness, but very little.  I think most new shapers tend to go a bit fat at the nose and tail, once you get a little more confidence you will foil the boards more efficiently, leaving just enough meat in the tail for the fin box.  I know my first few boards have more nose and tail thickness than I would leave on a current shape.

Fin placement, and fin box placement, is a personal choice, depends where you normally like your fin placement, then leave room fore and aft for adjustment, depending on which fin, which conditions, etc.  And how much foam you have to work with.

BTW, you didn’t mention board length, it seems to me that with fin box placement, board length would be a factor.

The board looks good, can you post up some more pictures?  Maybe show the rocker, foil, etc.

Here are some pics from the Bruce Fowler ongoing “fountain of youth” thread over in the Swaylocks Surfshop folder (I can’t copy and paste the link with this computer for some reason).  Worth checking out the foil / thickness in the pics.