Cerritos College Composites Registration Party!

OK…so maybe it’s not a party, but we always seem to have a good time. Anyway…Terry sent out this…

Cerritos College Plastics Manufacturing Technology and Composites Training Center (CTC) will host a few current activities that will be beneficial to everyone.

First, on Thursday January 5th from 3 to 7pm (in the Metals Bldg., room ME-1) we are holding a “Registration Open-House” for everyone to find out what classes to get into before the semester begins on January 9th. At this time you can find out about Specialty Certificates you may be eligible for.

During “Open Registration” we encourage you to “bring-a-buddy” to apply and register as well. You can avoid waiting in the long lines in Admissions after classes start.

(Registration actually closes at 7pm, but doors close by 6:30pm as usual)

Parking permits are not required and campus traffic will be light.

Class flyers and applications for new students will be available.

Secondly, see the “attachments” about the EAA Composites “Hands-On” Clinic on Saturday January 7th and the Spring Schedule file.

Thanks for your support; I hope to see you all on Thursday or Saturday to answer your questions.

Don’t forget, The Spring Semester begins on Monday January 9th, 2006.

Terry L. Price

Manufacturing Department Chairman


Cerritos College

By registering you will have the opportunity to get your feet wet, and your hands a little dirty.

I know many of you traveled some distance to join us for the last seminar. Even if you are only able to attend a portion of the classes, you will still be way ahead of the curve for using new materials and composite construction. It is also a great place to meet and network with others on the same wavelength.

I hope to see many of you there, Gil

anything towards the end of this month 30-1st?

I got a 1 day in and out in SFO for business…

I spent some time talking with Terry, and he would like to make the Saturday class a surfboard building class if that would help bring in additional students. The class could be just a “Lab” class, and you would have all day to utilize the materials as well as the shop.

The other classes available are the fiberglass classes, composite tooling and composite fabrication classes, just to name a few. The classes are only part of the fun, you will meet some great people and exchange lots of ideas!

 See Ya There!!!