Cerritos College Open House/Seminar III

Cerritos College Open House/Seminar/Thingie III

OR Back to the Future

OR get with the program dad!!!

Title: Making OSHA, AQMD and EPA compliant surfboards.


Ken Ebert - Segway Composites - eps blanks

Greg Loehr - RR epoxy resin systems

Hank Johns - Graphite Master - advanced fabric reinforcements

Terry Price - Cerritos College - course offerings in advanced composites

Date: Saturday, December 17, 2005

9:00 til noon (+?)

Fee: $20 ($15 to Cerritos College and $5 to Swaylocks)

More info to follow…

Be there, or be square!!!

Just a comments but a little more advanced noticed would be nice…

kind of hard to plan a vacation and get the airfare to pop over the water to Cali to attend one of these, impossible at this kind of late notice but if I know further out and can fit it in my business travel plans I’d like to make one, one of these days…



This is a band-aid, quickie date to let our Cali surf industry working bros and broettes know what alternatives/technology/training is available NOW!!!

There’ll be more down the road, don’t worry amigo!


Good point! It’s even short notice for me here in San Diego. But it’s worth whatever effort you have to go to. If you can’t make #3, I hope to see you at #4.

A big THANK YOU for what was otherwise a pretty disheartening day for the many backyard PolyU shapers here in So. Cal. I’ve had the privilege of attending one of the previous forums and it truly was outstanding. Never more than now is an opportunity like this needed in the industry and I highly advise that any one with the ability to attend do so as this is an incredible prospect not to be missed. Everyone who helped conduct and participate in the previous open house I attended were complete stand up gentle men and class acts all around. A gracious THANK YOU in advance. Tony.


You’re right it’s perfect timing with todays announcement.

I’m toying around with the idea of asking my cousin to use his tradeschool facility to conduct one here…

Maybe we could get JJP, JTroy, CMP, and Jeff Johnson/Jim Richardson to come and show their wares and explain about their various techniques… Of course we’re not into that advanced RTM stuff and the sailboard guys on Maui in their bumblebee suits are way ahead of the surfboard game here on oahu…

But being able to demonstrate something simple like hotwiring a billet and then doing a wood lam or plain RR glass schedule would be neat…

I’ll start putting the feelers out but it’ll definitely have to be after the holidays…

I see your charging $20 so that answers one of my questions…

An Bill I’ll find a way to get my butt over there one of these days…

hook or crook as they say

You’re a good man…

The reality is what you outlined - MUST HAPPEN. It’s time for those that know, to pass on the knowledge to fill the vacuum that the SUDDEN departure of a monopolistic supplier has left us with. Thanks for the two weeks notice, have a great retirement, send us a postcard…

Let’s get busy!


Do we have a start time for the event on 12/17/2005 ? How about food? Let us all know.

word!!! I’ll probably go . . .

Bill, I heard 9:00…

This is really incredible that these guys will even consider this, with all the increase in business expected. Hope those that need to see this can make it on such short notice…

airframe, you out there? Comments?


Thanks for getting this forum started. The schedule for everyone at this point is extremely busy between the Clarke departure and newly created supply void, and the holiday season. This situation is important enough to warrant this forum, even though on short notice, to help everyone understand the options available. This is not the end of the world!

Like Greg said, if we work together, we can get through this challenge, and even Gordon said the same thing in his fax. To make this work, we will have to be more flexible on blank choices, and learn some new techniques. This is not rocket science!

I have talked with Greg Loehr and Hank Johns about presenting at the forum, as well as Terry Price, instructor of the classes, about the forum. Part of the intent is to introduce to everyone the ease of working with the materials, and the availability of additional composite education at Cerritos. This isn’t All about surfboard building. Part of this is giving back to the community and surf culture what we have all gained.

Because of the holiday season, and Christmas Party Schedules, we have decided to make this forum a bit shorter and only run from 9AM till Noon. We will be working on a list of topics for future forums, and perhaps do another all day forum in the future.

Please invite as many people to attend. This will be a learning experience, and will console those that are missing their polyester fix.

We will try to put together an agenda of the forum in the next few days, but because this wasn’t decided upon until today, some of the details are still being worked out. I apologize for the short notice…

Please come in support of Cerritos College and Terry Price. You may decide to join some of us in learning even more about the composite world!

Hope to see you all there!!



Good point, there is a much larger community of composite and epoxy manufacturers that are willing to help us get through this trying time.

Terry Price (and Cerritos College) is well connected with suppliers and the industry in general, as well as having one of the most advanced training facilities in the world…

Sounds like the future is tasty after all!

Real excited. Third time is a charm, i hope this forum is just as informative as the last two. The last forum they shaped an EPS blank, i had to leave before they glassed it regretfully. Hopefully there will be more of the same. I also believe they have a large oven for baking the epoxy boards, let me know if i am wrong. Oh yeah they also supply coffee and donuts and sodas and popcorn. Terry and Karen are very generous, I am very appreciative.


Have you heard if there will be a sign-up or anything prior to the Seminar? I have a feeling that it will get really crowded with all the backyard guys like me! Do you know where on campus it will be?

Looking forward to the info! I was in the EPS biz for 14 years and always wondered why it wasn’t the mainstay of the board industry.


 I think if we can get a few folks to bring some cookies or donuts, that would be great!  I think Terry has a coffee pot, so that should take care of the coffee.  Maybe if someone can bring some water and/or sodas? 

 The things we have discussed for the agenda will cover everything from hotwiring a blank, to shaping, sealing, glassing, and hotcoating a board all made of EPS and with epoxy. The goal is to show how easy the process can be, and that there are alternatives to polyeurathane and polyester. 

As we will have a limited amount of time, we are gong to cram as much into this forum as possible. Another part of the agenda is for Terry Price, the composite instructor (Composite Guy) to share his knowledge as well as discuss what Cerritos has to offer. One topic We plan to discuss with Terry is a surfboard building class…maybe a 9 week course. Think there would be any takers?

daddio and I will keep you up to date with any additions or changes in the forum…


Another great opportunity for all you shapers in SO Cal. I would be interested to see the guest list for this one. Surfers would be very lucky if guys like Ken, Greg, Daddio, and Terry were to lead us into our next phase of surfboard development. Good luck and I hope their knowledge and products will keep some of the local shapers employed.

Terry I am still working on my homework. slow but steady



Good to hear from you, I hope you and yours (family and newest member) are doing well.

We are extremely blessed to have these guys put out the word once again, especially with such short notice. And check out the Uncle D version as inspired by oneula. I’m blown away by the talent that is stepping up to the plate. I think that it can only get better and better.

Have you made another board yet, or just designing in your head?

Daddio - I’m far from being a pro, but if you ever want to set this up in Northern CA, I’m in. I can certainly get together billets, hotwires, a vac pump…and then stand back & let you guys (& Stretch, Geoff, Claude?) do the talking. I’m positive I’d get more out of it than I could bring to it…

Daddio, Airframe,

Hello kind gentlemen. In addition to my reply in this thread I also posted a reply in the events and happenings along the lines of this…

“As I had previously mentioned in the other thread this is a tremendous opportunity for all able to attend and well worth the time and effort (and very nominal fee for what is derived from the experience). I understand that it is the holiday season and generally most people are pressed for time, and believe it is very reasonable to only conduct the seminar until noon, yet I have to ask, will there/ could there be a BBQ again, possibly after the forum for those interested? If so please post and let us know. If you need any help what so ever send me a PM and I will gladly help. Once again thank you in advance to everybody who will be able to make this possible. Regards Tony”

Yet, seeing as though all the replies for this event are taking place in this thread I figured I should contribute some additional thoughts in a reply in this thread.

If a BBQ is not feasible due to the Holiday season, it is more than understandable, with that being said I would be more than glad to bring a case of water, some adult beverages (if that suits your fancy), or maybe even a few bags of the Maui Onion chips I brought last time which seemed to be a hit along side the burgers. Please PM me for any potential opportunity to help contribute.

Essentially I would be willing to do just about anything to help enhance this seminar in regards to refreshments and the like seeing as though the gentlemen who actually help participate in conducting the forum more than go out to their way to do so, and provide an experience which in a sense is priceless.

To no surprise a man of great wisdom Mr. Bill Thraikill stated it best in his edit in the “Now you get to experience what is like to SHAPE” thread that this seminar indeed does present a tremendous opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge. Thank for your contributions to the seminar, shaping and surfing industry kind sir.

On the risk of sounding like a broken record, again, a big thank you to everyone involved in the materialization of this seminar. Regards Tony.


All you need to do is get a neutral venue (school works best) and just be the point man on getting everything/everyone together, you’d be surprised how everyone steps up to the plate! Figure out an outline of what you want to accomplish.

Keep your talent comfortable, so they can be relaxed while they give their demo, most of us aren’t used to being in front of a lot of our peers.

Ken Ebert (airframe) is the hub for getting Greg and Hank and maybe even Bert involved, so get your location and availability set, then start talking to your local guys and airframe and make it happen.

Positive energy is contagious, keep pushing and good luck!