ch--- boards taken over

just forget about it

i agree

sorry if i offended anyone with that last post . sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me. Just ignore everything I said. Thanks. Xon .

…yesterday, a friend who lives in Tokyo, told me that he went to a surf shop and those China series boards are sell for $500 new

and brands like M Richards (retro style) shortboards for $2000!!!

and CI s brand 700 used…

I won’t go into a full 30 minute typing exercise (I suck at typing)…BUT this is gonna be a thorn in our sides for a while til it all “sorts out”. After Clark there’s supposedly a “big vaccum” in the foam market. Well I’m sure we all knew that boards were built all over the world w/o Clark, he just had a lock in the US. Now that all types of good to bad foam is making it’s way here, for some odd reason, MORE “big business” is trying to move into the board world. We saw it in the form of big surf brands in surfwear, weather or not they had any real or perceived connection to surfings roots. Now we’re getting it from these and other big money trying to fill the void. Now if a bunch of companies are trying to fill this void, some will win out some will falter and fade but over all they ALL CAN’T survive. Thing seems to be that all the big money ($, what a bad idea to chase in our world) NEED to feel like they are winning and in some cases show profit as they are actually large corporations, not really surf orientated (who convinced them of that investment?). NOW the problem seems to be that they (may) realize that there’s only so much good foam (and they ain’t making it?) so…they figure that if they make foam, why not crap surfboards as well? Outsource to Cheena or wherever it’s cheap and then private label it to shops, shapers and I’m guessing soon chain stores as they TRY to pimp surfing out to the Red States inland? My guess is that this rush to fill the void will soon start to implode but boy oh boy will boards get cheap as this happens. I’m assuming that w/o some act of the devil the specialist-custom shaper will indeed win out or at least keep their customer flow going and in the long run we’ll see a lot more boards hanging up in sports bars, mex restraunts and sadly Costco and Wall Mart.

F’em, I do it for the love and don’t need to buy into their game to NOT make a living as a shaper, I’m doing fine on my own. Remember when Pop-Out had bad connotation?

That was about 8 mins of typing, sorry to ramble on…

You no offend me Mr xon. You know xon mean in Chinese? Very funny give my tummy ache.We sole shaper in China too. I make new XYZ surfboards soon. You can trust Wong. Wong give many childerens opportunitys in China’s factory.

(((Mr Wong velly lite, all goo US and AUST munny go to reletivs in Xyzioax Qinxzquitxo province.

Menny thanx, you ly back and relax, we looky out for you and you r kids 4 long time. )))

Theres nothing better for a country than to have a massive influx of imported (surfing) goods.

Its means theres more time for the previously overworked shapers and glassers to put their feet up and think about not going back to work, maybe forever !

And with all that work being done for you , you’ll have more leisure time to just surf the days away. How good is that !!

But dont bother about the mortgage, it’ll sort itself out. You can trust the banks to look after you.

And with the reduction in demand for hand made products we can give up on education for our kidz, cuz learnin’ stuff is way too hard.


Pity you don’t live in China Mr Wong, you’d be a legend there…

All those children you help would like to meet you one day…

take my advice dont talk bad about big money in public, I just hope they dont steal my logo. There definetly not getting my soul.

went down to get a job at some construction sites. they just looked at me laughing, and speaking in tounges. then a big man in a big truck told me to go play with my surfboards.

yo dey dont needz no edjucation yo dey gona make mad bling bling of der rhymes .

ok im duct taping my fingers shut , before i get in more trouble.


yo dey dont needz no edjucation yo dey gona make mad bling bling of der rhymes .

Hey Xon, you been into the Tequila and marinated duck tounges again??


yo dey dont needz no edjucation yo dey gona make mad bling bling of der rhymes .

Hey Xon, you been into the Tequila and marinated duck tounges again??

LOL! Or did he have an expeliment in democlacy? elections? Evely molning!

Whoever is doing this rediculous “Mr Wong” stuff…do you even realize what a freaking racist you are?

Criminy…look in the mirror and rethink that crap.

Humor it is not.

I do a lot of business in China. There are many differences between that & “western” business. I’m not in an industry that’s ‘outsourcing’ domestic jobs or cutting corners environmentally. Quite the opposite, in fact. Your stupid (and that’s a weak word) attempt at fun is transparent in so many ways that its immediately offensive. Knock it off. China is many things, both good and bad, and you’ve managed to capture none of them except bigoted stereotypes.

Hi Benny, Im part Chinese ( >< ) and I dont think its racist/offensive. Just a guy having a laugh. The whole PC thing is too much.Our family laughs at the Chinese , the round eyes, everyone,but its not meant to be cruel, which is where we draw the line. Youve drawn it elsewhere, but there was no malice intended from Wong I think ?

Dave, are you laughing at the duck tongues? Theyre a delicacy in China,honestly !!

I was being serious! :wink:


i think he is against sweatshop labor but who isn’t…

if anything they should get better pay and safer working areas

B.S. spuut. I don’t care if your Asian or whatever. Not talking PC either. Mr. Wong is a pathetic racist. Not the first time he’s been around. It ain’t fricken funny and doesn’t belong on a board building site. He’ll be here untill the whoevers give him the boot. Sooner that later I hope. Mike

Rooster, I had never read Wongs stuff before so I miss the history of his posts. Pity if he is a racist, still, it doesnt bother me.


can’t we all just get along and stop hating people and start doing something constructive with our time like…

building more surfboards