Challenger Numbers

I am wondering if Bill T, or anyone else, knows a bit about the number system used by Challenger in the mid 60s.

Saw a board online and the serial number looks like it has a B at the end. My guess is that Bill Bahne shaped it.

But, the owner asked about a T near the back of the fin. I think it’s just a mark for fin placement.

What say you all?

I think you are correct about the board being shaped by Bill Bahne.      I believe the   T   may indicate that the glassing was done by Vince Turner, a San Diego area glasser.

EDIT:   The letter  B  may also indicate that the shaping was done by Billy Caster.      

Is that fin in a box? Or does it have a big base that was routed into the foam and glasses on? 


or someone glass a fin in the box as a super “repair” 

“B”for Bobby??  You’re probably right Bill, but there is the possibility it could have been Caster.  Just depends on how old the board is.

Looks like a glass insert routed into the board, with the fin routed into it. Not my board, and I’ve never seen it in person.

Certainly not a repair.

Bill T may know more about the method used.


You are correct in your description.       A similar method was used by G&S, to mount fins, in the Hynson Red Fin boards.       Properly done, it’s quite a strong method to anchor a fin in a surfboard.        Probably what inspired Bill Bahne to develop his original series of fin boxes.